Rani DuBois Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Rani DuBois

 Rani DuBois a talented American actress who played Wallonia’s new job in the show. But did you know that she is not only an actress but also a singer and songwriter. Rani is the daughter of Janet DuBois, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. She is net worth (approx.) $2 million.

Born in March 28 1985, Rani is 39 years old and has already made a name for herself in the industry. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 50 kilograms.


Full Name:
Rani DuBois
Age(as of 2024):
 39 Years Old
Date of Birth:
 March 28, 1985
New York City
Net worth (approx):
$2 million

who is Rani DuBois ?

Rani DuBois is a particular person who acts in TV shows, sings songs, and even writes them! She’s like a superhero in the world of TV and music. Imagine being able to act, sing, and write – that’s Rani for you! Her mom, Ja’Net DuBois, is also super talented in acting and singing. So, talent runs in Rani’s family. When Rani was little, she probably watched her mom perform and thought.

I want to do that too. She did! Rani became famous for her role in a TV show called “Good Times,” where she played a part that made many people smile. She’s like a bright star on TV, lighting up everyone’s day.

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Early Life and Education

Rani DuBois started her adventure. As a little girl, Rani was always surrounded by stories and songs, thanks to her talented mom, Ja’Net DuBois. Like in fairy tales, Rani’s world was magical with all the arts around her. Rani went to school like any other kid but also had special lessons. These weren’t ordinary lessons, though. She learned to sing beautifully and act in plays and shows.

It was like having extra fun classes where she got to be different characters and sing her heart out. Rani’s school friends must have been so excited to see her on TV! Rani’s early life wasn’t just about learning; it was about discovering her superpowers in singing and acting. Every day was a new adventure, exploring the entertainment world with her mom as her guide. 

Parents and Siblings

Rani DuBois has a very talented mom named Ja’Net DuBois. Ja’Net is famous for singing beautiful songs and acting in movies and TV shows. She’s like a real-life superhero who can do it all! Like in those fantastic stories where parents pass their superpowers to their kids, Ja’Net gave her super talents to Rani. Imagine having a mom who’s like a star shining bright in the sky of movies and music.

Rani also has brothers and sisters who are part of a big, fun family. Imagine having playmates at home who are also your best friends forever. They probably sing, play, and share stories, making every day an adventure. With a family like this, Rani’s home is filled with laughter, music, and love. It’s like having your cheer team cheering you on in everything you do.

Rani DuBois


Rani DuBois Wife And Girlfriend

They might call this person a girlfriend or boyfriend; if they like each other, they might even become husband and wife! We only have a little information about a wife or a girlfriend for Rani DuBois. That’s okay because sometimes people like to keep their personal lives secret, especially when they’re famous on TV or in movies.

It’s like having a remarkable diary you don’t share with everyone. What’s essential is that Rani has a loving family and many friends who care about her, just like you might have your family and friends who cheer you up and play with you.

Rani DuBois Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance

Rani DuBois is a young star with sparkly eyes and a bright smile that lights up any room she enters. She stands tall, showing how much she’s grown since she was a little girl. We don’t talk about how much people weigh because everyone’s body is unique and special, just like every superhero has extraordinary power. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 50 kilograms.

Rani’s age is like counting up to 39 years old with your best friends during a game of hide and seek exciting and full of surprises! Her appearance is always cheerful, with hair that plays in the sunlight and a style that’s as colorful as a box of crayons. She is not just about how she looks; her kindness and talent make her truly shine, like a star in the night sky.

Rani DuBois Before Fame

Rani DuBois was just like any other kid, but with a little extra sparkle. She grew up surrounded by creativity, thanks to her mom, Ja’Net DuBois, who always sang and acted. This made Rani’s world quite magical. Imagine living in a house where music and stories fill the air daily! Instead of just playing make-believe .

Rani watched her mom perform and dreamt of doing the same one day. She learned that she could become anything she wanted with hard work and a big imagination. So, even before becoming famous, Rani was practicing acting and singing, preparing for the day she’d share her talents with the world.

Rani DuBois Career

Rani DuBois has a fantastic job – she gets to be on TV! Imagine playing dress-up and pretend, but many people watch you because it’s your job. That’s what Rani does. She was on a show called “Good Times,” where she got to be someone else and have fun while acting.

She’s like a magician who turns stories into real-life scenes that we can see on our screens at home. Besides acting, Rani sings and writes songs, like creating her music playground. She mixes words and tunes like colors to paint beautiful songs. It’s like she’s sharing a piece of her heart every time she performs.  

Rani DuBois Net Worth and Achievements

Doing many things on TV and in music can help you earn treasure like a pirate finding gold. Rani DuBois, who acts, sings, and writes songs, has collected her own treasure. While we might not know exactly how much gold she has, being on a TV show like “Good Times” and having a super-talented mom probably means she’s done quite well! Rani has also achieved some incredible things because of her talents. She is net worth (approx.) $2 million.

Every time she performs, acting or singing, it’s like winning a medal in the Talent Olympics. She hasn’t just kept her sparkle to herself; she’s shared it on TV screens and in music, making many people happy. That’s a pretty significant achievement. It’s like she’s built her castle of accomplishments, standing tall and shining bright!

Rani DuBois Future Plains

Rani DuBois is like a seed that’s just started to grow in a big, magical garden of TV and music. Imagine if you planted a magic bean and knew it would grow into something unique, but you’re still determining what. That’s like Rani’s journey right now. She’s already done many cool things, like acting in “Good Times” and making music that touches our hearts.

She still needs to finish. Just like you dream about what you want to be when you grow up, Rani dreams, too. She might become a superhero in a movie or sing on a big stage in front of thousands of people. Whatever she does, we know it’s going to be super exciting. So, let’s keep watching and cheering for Rani as she grows into her incredible future!

Rani DuBois Social Media Presence

Rani DuBois loves to share little bits of her life and fun moments on places like Instagram and Twitter, where people can see what she’s up to. Just like you might show your friends your cool drawings or the neat Lego castle you built, Rani shows her fans the behind-the-scenes of being on TV and making music. It’s like a peek into a secret garden of her adventures, where she shares pictures and stories.

Even though she’s busy being a star, Rani finds time to post about the things she loves, making her fans feel part of her journey. It’s a way for everyone to see the magic she creates, both on-screen and in real life, through the little screen in their hands.


Painting: Rani loves creating colorful pictures on canvas. Imagine using lots of paint to make a rainbow or a sunny day. That’s what she does, making her world bright and happy.

Reading Books: She enjoys diving into stories, exploring magical lands, and going on adventures, all from the comfort of her home. It’s like traveling to faraway places without leaving your room.

Playing Instruments: Rani also loves making music by playing instruments. It could be a piano, guitar, or even drums, adding her unique touch to the tunes she creates.

Baking: Like a science experiment, Rani experiments with baking yummy treats in the kitchen. Imagine making cookies as sweet as her smile or a cake as colorful as her paintings. 

Favorite Things

Colors: Rani loves bright colors like sunshine yellow and sky blue. They make her happy and remind her of fun days outside.

Movies: She enjoys watching animated movies filled with talking animals and magical worlds. They spark her imagination and make her dream big.

Food: Pizza with extra cheese and yummy chocolate ice cream are Rani’s top picks. They’re perfect for movie nights or after a day of playing and singing.

Animals: Rani adores puppies and kittens. She loves their soft fur and the way they play and cuddle.

Season: Summer is her favorite time of year. It means no school, beach days, and lots of ice cream.

Interesting Facts About

  •  Rani loves to make everyone around her laugh with her silly jokes and funny faces. She has a special magic that makes gloomy days bright and sunny.
  • She once had a pet goldfish named “Bubbles” because she loved making many bubbles. Rani would spend hours watching Bubbles swim around, giggling at the bubbly trails.
  • Rani has a secret talent for making good impressions of cartoon characters. She can sound just like them, and it’s like having an actual cartoon character right there.
  • She dreams of traveling to space one day, floating among the stars, and maybe even meeting a friendly alien. 
  • Rani has a unique dance move she created called “The Twirly Swirl.
  • Every night before bed, Rani likes to make a wish upon a star. She believes it brings good luck and makes dreams come true.


How old is Rani DuBois?

Rani is 39 years old. Imagine if you had 39 birthday cakes stacked up high.

What does Rani DuBois like to do for fun?

She loves painting, reading, playing music, and baking. It’s like having a big box of toys, but each toy is a different hobby.

Who is Rani’s mom?

Her mom is Ja’Net DuBois, a super-talented singer and actress. It’s like having a superhero for a mom who can sing and act.

Has Rani ever had a pet?

Yes, she once had a goldfish named “Bubbles.” Picture a tiny fish making giant bubbles in a fishbowl.

What’s Rani’s favorite food?

Pizza and chocolate ice cream. Think of the yummiest pizza slice and the most relaxed scoop of ice cream – her favorites.


Rani DuBois isn’t she just like a superhero from your favorite stories. With her acting, singing, and all the fun hobbies she enjoys, Rani shows us that being yourself is the best superpower of all. Just like Rani dreams big and shares her talents, you, too, can find your special magic.

Remember, every day is a new adventure waiting to happen. So, let’s keep cheering for Rani as she lights up the world with her smile and talents. Maybe one day, you’ll share your unique gifts with the world! Keep dreaming, keep playing, and always believe in your magic. 


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