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Viren Merchant

Viren Merchant born on 16 january 1967, just 31 years old. Is a successful entrepreneur who has achieved great heights in business. At 57, Viren ventured into the business world and has been unstoppable ever since. With his hard work and determination, he has built a successful company called ENCORE, which has become one of the top players in the healthcare industry.

He is net worth (approx.) $2 billion. He has proven that age is just a number and that anything is possible with passion and dedication. Viren comes from a supportive family who has always encouraged him to chase his dreams. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 54 kilograms.


Viren Merchant
Date of Birth
16th January 1967
57 years
Mumbai, India
Ajit Kumar Gordhandas
Indu Gordhandas
 Net worth (approx)
$2 billion

Who is Viren Merchant?

Viren Merchant is like a superhero in the world of business. Imagine someone building a giant Lego castle, but instead of Legos, he used his innovative ideas to create a big company called ENCORE. This company helps people stay healthy.

Viren started this adventure when he was very young, just like when you start learning new things at school. He shows us you can achieve big dreams if you love and work hard. He has a family who cheers him on, just like your family cheers for you when you do something great.

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Viren Merchant



Viren Merchant was a little boy who loved to learn new things. He grew up in a place filled with books and dreams. Even as a kid, he was always curious, asking many questions about how things work. Viren went to school like you, where he learned to read, write, and make friends.

He enjoyed subjects like math and science because they helped him solve puzzles and mysteries. His school days were full of fun and learning. He believed that to do big things, you must start learning the basics, like building a tower with blocks, starting from the bottom.

Viren Merchant Parents and Siblings

Viren Merchant comes from a family that’s like a cozy nest, full of love and encouragement. Imagine having a team at home that always cheers you on, no matter what. That’s what Viren’s family is like! He has a mom and dad who are like his personal superheroes, teaching him to be kind and thoughtful and to chase his dreams.

Viren also has siblings – think of them as his first friends and teammates. Together, they learned to share, play, and grow. Like your family, everyone has a unique role, daily filling Viren’s life with laughter and support.

Viren Merchant Wife And Girlfriend

Viren Merchant has a special someone in his life, just like when you have a best friend who understands you more than anyone else. This person is his wife, who shares his dreams and supports him, just like in a team. They work together in life’s big adventure, making every day brighter and happier.

Viren hadn’t shared much about his girlfriend before his marriage because some stories are like secret treasures kept safe and private. But his journey is filled with love and companionship, shining a light on the path of his big dreams.

Viren Merchant Children

Viren Merchant has little stars in his life, his children, who fill his world with giggles and joy. Imagine having little buddies at home who look up to you and join you in your adventures. That’s what it’s like for Viren. His kids are his tiny cheerleaders, always ready to support and bring happiness into his day.

They play, learn, and explore the world together. Like in a garden full of flowers, each child adds unique color and brightness to the family, making life a beautiful bouquet of memories and love.

Viren Merchant Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance

Viren Merchant is like a character from your favorite storybook. If you’re curious how old he is, think of him as many years old as your big cousin! He’s not too tall or short, just the right height to see over a crowd at a parade. Viren has a smile that lights up the room, just like when you’re happy and smiley. His weight 54 kg and his height 5 feet 8 inches.

His eyes sparkle with kindness, making everyone around him feel special. Imagine someone who looks friendly, like a superhero from your comics; that’s Viren! He keeps himself healthy, like when you eat veggies and play outside.

Viren Merchant Before Fame

Long before Viren Merchant became a big name in the business world, he was just like any kid, filled with curiosity and dreams. Imagine a young Viren playing in the park, dreaming of building something huge one day. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Instead, he had a toolbox of ideas and a heart full of courage. He learned something new daily, making small steps toward his big dream. Like a tiny seed that grows into a strong tree, Viren’s journey starts with simple, small beginnings, showing us that all big adventures begin with a single step.

Viren Merchant Career

Imagine playing a video game where each level you pass makes you stronger and lets you build more significant things. That’s what Viren Merchant did in real life with his work! He started small, like finding each piece individually when you begin a puzzle.

Then, as he got better and wiser, he built ENCORE, a vast company that helps keep people healthy. It’s like he played the game of business and won the highest score by making the world a better place. Like in games, his journey had challenges, but he kept building his dream castle piece by piece.

Viren Merchant Net Worth


Viren Merchant


Imagine you have a giant piggy bank, and every day, you add some coins and bills into it because you’re saving up for something big, like a mountain of toys! Viren Merchant has a giant piggy bank, but instead of toys, he saved up for his company, ENCORE. He is net worth (approx.) $2 billion.

His piggy bank got big because he worked hard and was brilliant with his ideas. He saved up so much that he could buy a whole toy store! That’s what we call “net worth.” Viren’s giant piggy bank shows us how much he achieved with his big dreams and hard work.

Achievements and Awards

Viren Merchant is like a hero in a story who wins medals for doing extraordinary things. Just like when you finish a race and get a shiny ribbon, Viren has received notable awards because he worked hard and made his company, ENCORE, help many people stay healthy.

Imagine having a wall filled with gold stars for every good thing you’ve done; that’s like Viren’s collection of awards. He doesn’t brag about them, but they remind everyone that when you do great things with your heart, the world gives you a high-five with awards and smiles.

Future Plains

Viren Merchant has big dreams for the future, like when you imagine becoming an astronaut or a superhero. He wants to make his company, ENCORE, even more significant and help people stay healthy and happy. Think of it like planting more seeds in a garden so that many flowers can bloom and make the world colorful.

Viren also wants to teach kids like you to follow their dreams and work hard, showing that anything is possible. Imagine a world where everyone helps each other and makes their dreams come true; that’s the future Viren is working toward.

Social Media Presence

Viren Merchant is like a star in the business world and on social media! Think of social media as a giant playground where everyone can share their stories and pictures. Viren uses these online playgrounds to share bits of his life, just like how you might show your friends a cool drawing you made.

He posts about his adventures, family, and sometimes even work. It’s like a digital photo album where he lets us peek into his world, showing how he makes every day unique with his big dreams and the love from his family.


Playing with Puzzles: Viren Merchant loves to solve puzzles. Just like you enjoy putting together pieces to see a whole picture, Viren finds solving different kinds of puzzles fun and exciting. It helps him think better

Reading Adventure Books: He enjoys diving into adventures-filled books. Through these stories, he travels to magical places without leaving his room. It’s like going on a treasure hunt in his imagination.

Gardening: Viren has a green thumb! He loves planting seeds and watching them grow into beautiful flowers or tasty vegetables. It’s like a magic show where he helps bring life into the garden.

Playing Sports: Whether kicking a soccer ball or swimming, Viren loves to stay active. Playing sports helps him feel strong and healthy, just like when you play tag with your friends at the park. 

Favorite Things

Ice Cream on Sunny Days: Just like a scoop of your favorite ice cream makes a hot day perfect, Viren loves to enjoy ice cream when the sun shines. It’s like an incredible, sweet hug on a warm day.

Superhero Movies: Imagine being able to fly or have super strength! Viren loves watching superhero movies and cheering for the heroes as they save the day. It’s like a fun adventure right from the couch.

Board Games with Family: Playing games like Monopoly or Candy Land with family makes for a laughter filled evening. Viren finds joy in these moments, sharing smiles and strategies with his loved ones.

Beach Vacations: Building sandcastles and jumping over waves, the beach is a place of fun for Viren. It’s like a giant playground where every grain of sand holds a new adventure. 

Interesting Facts About

  •  Viren loves to tell stories about his adventures in business, making them sound like exciting quests.
  • He once planted a whole garden by himself, learning about every flower and vegetable he grew.
  • Viren’s favorite superhero is Batman because he admires how Batman uses his intelligence and resources to help others.
  • He has a secret recipe for making the best pancakes, which he often makes for weekend breakfast. 
  • When Viren was little, he wanted to be an astronaut to explore space and discover new planets.
  • Viren can speak more than one language, making it easier for him to make friends worldwide. 
  • He has a collection of funny hats and wears a different one to special family dinners, making everyone laugh.


 Let’s answer some! Wondering how Viren built his big company, ENCORE?

He started with a small idea and worked hard, like when you make a tall tower with blocks, piece by piece.

How did he become so successful?

By never giving up and always being curious, learning new things every day.

And his favorite way to relax?

Viren loves reading adventure books, playing with puzzles, diving into stories, and solving mysteries for fun.


In our adventure learning about Viren Merchant, we discovered he’s not just a business superhero but also a cool dad, a loving husband, and someone who enjoys playing puzzles and watching superhero movies. He teaches us that with hard work, big dreams, and a loving family.

We can achieve anything we set our minds to. Viren’s story is like a magical book that shows us it’s okay to dream big and work hard to make those dreams come true. Let Viren inspire us and help us believe in our superpowers to build our dreams, piece by piece.


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