Eve Chilton Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Eve Chilton

Eve Chilton born on November 1, 1955, Weinstein also known as Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife, is a remarkable woman who has captured the attention of many. Despite coming from a wealthy family, Eve made a name for herself through her successful career and admirable character. She was married to Harvey for 17 years before their divorce due to the sexual harassment allegations against him. Eve’s popularity rose even higher after marrying one of the best film producers in the US. However, Eve is a successful woman in her own right.

With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 60 kilograms. Her career, family, and net worth testify to her hard work and determination. As of 2024, Eve will be 69 years old, and her legacy will continue to inspire others for years. She is net worth (approx.) $1.5 million.


  • Full name:       Eve Chilton Weinstein
  • Age:                   69 years
  • Date of birth:   November 1, 1955
  • Place of birth:   Boston, USA
  • Ethnicity:          White American
  • Net worth (approx):      $1.5 million

Who is Eve Chilton?

Eve Chilton is a special lady with an exciting story. She was once married to a man named Harvey Weinstein, who made movies. Eve grew up in a family with a lot of money because her great-grandparents worked hard and made a successful business.

People knew who Eve was because of her family, but they started talking about her more when she married Harvey. Even though they are not married anymore, Eve is still known for being a strong and successful woman. She has done many great things independently, and many people look up to her.

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Early Life and Education

Eve Chilton

Eve Chilton grew up in a big house with her family. She had a mom, a dad, and maybe some brothers and sisters. Her family was wealthy because her great-grandparents started a business that did well long ago. Eve went to school like other kids. In school, she learned to read, write, and do math.

She also made friends and played games during recess. Eve liked to learn new things and was very good at her studies. When she was a little girl, she didn’t know she would become famous one day. She just enjoyed her days at school and having fun at home.

Eve Chilton Parents and Siblings

Eve Chilton was born into a family that many consider very special because they had a lot of money. This money came from a business her great-grandparents started long ago, which did well. Her parents ensured Eve and her siblings, if she had any, grew up knowing about hard work and kindness. She probably played many fun games with her brothers and sisters growing up if she had them.

They might have had adventures in their big house or learned new things together. It’s like having a team at home where everyone supports each other and shares everything, from toys to secrets. Eve’s family story is like a puzzle, with each person adding an essential piece to her life.

Eve Chilton Husband and Boyfriend

Eve Chilton was married to a man named Harvey Weinstein. Harvey made movies and was very famous. Eve and Harvey were together for 17 years, which is a long time! It’s almost like counting to one thousand seven hundred days but way more. They were happy for many years and attended many movie events together.

People would often see them smiling and holding hands. But, after a while, they decided not to be married anymore. Eve is powerful and has done lots of great things since then. She shows us that even when tough times happen, you can still do amazing things alone.

Eve Chilton Children

Eve Chilton was once married to Harvey Weinstein, and they had a big family together. They were blessed with three beautiful children. These kids were their treasure, and Eve loved being a mom. She cared for her children with lots of love and ensured they were happy.

Like any family, they shared many fun moments, from playing games in the park to reading bedtime stories. Each child is unique, bringing joy and laughter into Eve’s life. Being a mom is a big job, but Eve did it with a smile, always making sure her children felt loved and supported.

Eve Chilton Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance

Eve Chilton is a grown-up lady, like someone’s mom or teacher. She’s not super tall but not too short, either. She’s about the average height, you see. Even though how much someone weighs is private, we know Eve looks healthy and happy, which matters. Her weight (approx.) 60 kg and Her height (approx.)5 feet 6 inches.

She has hair and eyes, and when you see her, she always looks nice, wearing clothes that make her comfortable and happy. Remember, what’s most important is how kind and strong someone is, not just how they look on the outside.

Eve Chilton Before Fame

Eve Chilton


Long before Eve Chilton became known to many people, she was just a regular girl with a big dream in her heart. She lived in a house filled with love from her family. Eve liked to play, learn, and imagine all the beautiful things she could do growing up.

Her family’s history was impressive, with a successful business that her great-grandparents started, but Eve wanted to find her path to success. She went to school, made friends, and learned many new things daily. Even as a little girl, Eve had a sparkle in her eyes that told everyone she would do big things one day.

Eve Chilton Career

Eve Chilton found her path in the world of work, which is like a big adventure where you get to do different things to earn money and help others. She worked hard and became good at what she did. Just like when you play a game and get better the more you practice.

Eve did that in her job. She didn’t make movies like Harvey, her ex-husband, but she created her own story by excelling at her work. It’s important to remember that everyone has a particular job, and Eve found hers by trying her best daily.

Eve Chilton Net Worth

Eve Chilton has a treasure chest, not with gold coins or pirate maps, but it’s still pretty special. It’s called net worth, a fancy way of saying all the money she has saved from working hard. Imagine if you saved every dollar from your birthday or doing chores, and after many years, that pile of money gets big. Eve Chilton not with $1.5 million.

That’s what Eve has done but with her job. We don’t know how many dollars are in her treasure chest because it’s private, like a secret diary, but it’s a lot because she’s been working for a long time and has done well.

Eve Chilton Future Plains

Eve Chilton has big dreams for her future, just like when you think about what you want to be when you grow up. She wants to keep working hard and try new things that she’s never done before. Think of it like when you decide to build the tallest tower with your blocks or learn how to ride a bike without training wheels.

Eve might also spend more time doing fun things with her kids, like going on adventures or making cool crafts at home. It’s like planning for an exciting treasure hunt where you don’t know what you’ll find, but you’re excited to discover it together.

Eve Chilton Social Media Presence

Eve Chilton is like a secret ninja on the internet she’s hard to find! She doesn’t spend time posting pictures or stories on websites like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, where people share what they’re doing or feeling. Instead, Eve likes to keep her life private, away from the eyes of everyone online.

It’s like when you have a particular secret club with your friends and decide not to tell anyone else about it. So, if you look for Eve on the internet to see what she’s up to, you might not find much, but that’s just because she likes to keep her adventures to herself and the people close to her.


  •  Eve Chilton likes to spend her free time doing fun things that make her happy.
  • She enjoys reading books filled with exciting stories and adventures. It’s like travelling to different worlds without leaving her chair.
  • She loves to garden, plant beautiful flowers and watch them grow. It’s like a magic trick with dirt and seeds turning into colourful blooms. 
  • Cooking is another hobby of hers. Eve likes to mix ingredients to make tasty meals, almost like a science experiment but with yummy results.
  • Taking long walks is something she does too, as well as exploring new places or just enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
  • Lastly, she enjoys painting, creating beautiful pictures with her brushes and paints, letting her imagination run wild on the canvas.

Favourite Things

  •  Eve loves to curl up with a good book, diving into stories full of adventure and mystery. 
  • She finds joy in gardening, where she can plant seeds and watch them grow into beautiful flowers.
  • In the kitchen, Eve mixes ingredients like a wizard to cook delicious meals for her family and friends.
  • Taking long walks outside, she explores new places or enjoys the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze. 
  • Painting is another way Eve lets her creativity fly, using colours and brushes to make art that brightens up any room.
  • She also loves to listen to music, letting the rhythms and melodies take her on an imaginary journey.

Interesting Facts About

  • Eve’s family made a lot of money long ago because they started a business that helped people in different places talk to each other and solve problems. 
  • She went to a school like you, where she learned all kinds of cool stuff and made friends.
  • Eve lived in a big house with her family, and they probably had lots of fun games and adventures together. 
  • Even though Eve married someone famous for making movies, she is also known for being super strong and doing great things herself.
  • She loves reading, gardening, cooking, walking, and painting, which shows she likes to learn new things and have fun in many ways.


How do birds fly?

but about Eve Chilton. Here, we find answers to things people ask a lot. For example.

Did Eve do anything famous?

Yes, she did! She became known for being strong and kind. Another question might be.

How did Eve become famous?

It was because she married Harvey Weinstein and also because of her hard work.


So, we talked a lot about Eve Chilton, a lady who has done many great things. From being a mom to working hard, Eve shows us that being kind and robust is essential. Like in a storybook, Eve’s life has had adventures and lessons. She teaches us to chase our dreams, work hard, and always be there for our family.

Even though we don’t see her on the internet, Eve’s story is like a hidden treasure, reminding us that some heroes prefer to shine quietly. Remember, just like Eve, you can do amazing things too. Keep dreaming, learning, and being the awesome you.


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