Timothy Shalloway Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Timothy Shalloway

Timothy Shalloway born on December 27, 1995. A talented American actor who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his captivating performances. At the young age of 28 years old, Timothy has already established himself as a rising star in Hollywood. He gained recognition for his breakthrough role as Elio Perlman in the hit movie Call Me By Your Name and has since continued to make a name for himself in the industry.

He is net worth (approx.) $3 million. With a supportive family and a passion for acting, Timothy’s career is only just beginning. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at his age, career, family, net worth, and height bio in 2024. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 68 kilograms.


Timothy Shalloway
Date of birth
December 27, 1995
Age (As of 2024)
28 Years Old
Net worth (approx)
 $3 million
Zodiac sign

Who is Timothy Shalloway?

Timothy Shalloway is a movie star! Imagine being in movies and everyone knowing your name. That’s what it’s like for Timothy. He’s been in a movie called Call Me By Your Name, in which he played a character named Elio. This movie made lots of people notice him because he did such a great job. But that’s not all! Timothy has also been in other movies where he pretended to be different people.

Imagine dressing up and acting like someone else for your job. It sounds fun, right. Timothy loves acting, and he has shown everyone how good he is at it. Plus, he has fun hobbies like playing with his dog and drawing. Timothy is not just an actor; he’s someone who loves adventures, both in movies and real life.

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Timothy Shalloway Early Life and Education

Timothy Shalloway grew up in a place full of stories, where every street and building had its tale. As a little boy, he was always curious, asking questions about everything he saw. He loved playing make-believe games, where he could be a knight, an astronaut, or even a wizard! The school was a big adventure for Timothy. He liked learning new things, especially stories from books.

His favorite class was art, where he could draw and paint, creating colorful worlds from his imagination. Timothy was also in school plays, where he got to dress up and perform in front of people. This is where he discovered how much he loved acting. The school helped Timothy learn and grow, making him the outstanding actor we know today.

Timothy Shalloway


Timothy Shalloway Parents and Siblings

Timothy Shalloway comes from a family that loves and supports him a lot. He has parents who constantly encourage him to follow his dreams, especially when it comes to acting. They go to his movie premieres and cheer the loudest for him! Timothy also has siblings, which means he’s not the only kid in his family.

Imagine having brothers or sisters to play with, share secrets, and sometimes even argue over toys! Just like any other family, they have fun times together, like going to the park or having movie nights at home. Timothy’s family is essential to him, and they all share a strong bond that keeps them close no matter what.

Timothy Shalloway Wife And Girlfriend

Right now, Timothy Shalloway isn’t married, so he doesn’t have a wife. Sometimes, grown-ups have special friends who they like a lot, just like you might have a best friend at school. These special grown-up friends can be called girlfriends or boyfriends. Timothy might have someone special like that in his life, but he likes to keep it a secret, just like you might keep a surprise hidden until the right time.

It’s essential for everyone, even famous actors like Timothy, to have some things they keep just for themselves. So, while we don’t know if Timothy has a girlfriend, it’s okay because everyone deserves a little bit of privacy.

Timothy Shalloway Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance

Timothy Shalloway is 28 years old, which means he’s much older than you! He’s tall, standing at a height that reaches way above most people’s heads. Imagine looking up and up, and there’s Timothy! He keeps himself healthy and fit, which is essential for running around in all the fun roles he plays in movies. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 68 kilograms.

Timothy has a smile that lights up the room and hair that looks like it’s been kissed by the sun. When he walks into a room, you can tell he’s someone who loves adventure, just like the characters he plays. His eyes sparkle with excitement, especially when he talks about acting or his favorite hobbies. Timothy’s appearance is just like a storybook hero, ready to set off on his next big adventure.

Timothy Shalloway Before Fame

 Timothy Shalloway was just like any other kid, with dreams as big as the sky. Can you believe it? He wasn’t always in movies! When Timothy was your age, he loved to play pretend, imagining he was on grand adventures. He didn’t have cameras or movie sets, but he had his backyard and his imagination.

That’s where he learned to tell stories, not with a script, but with his toys and friends. He also enjoyed school, where he got to be in plays. This is where he first learned about acting  not on a giant movie screen, but on a small stage in front of his classmates. Back then, he was just a kid who loved stories, just like you. 

Timothy Shalloway


Timothy Shalloway Career

Timothy Shalloway loves acting. He’s been in some movies that you might know. That movie was like a giant treasure map, leading him to find more exciting movie roles. Timothy also pretended to be a character in movies like Worst Friends, where maybe he had to deal with a tricky situation, or Royal Pain, where he might have been someone very important or even funny.

He also got to be a part of Trooper and Find Me, where he continued to show how good he is at turning make-believe into something you can watch on a screen. Each movie is like a new adventure for Timothy, where he gets to explore different worlds and meet new friends. Acting is his way of sharing stories with us, just like when someone reads you a bedtime story, but these stories can be seen.

Net Worth and Achievements

Timothy Shalloway is like a treasure hunter in the world of movies, and he has found some pretty big treasures! In the land of acting, winning awards is like finding gold, and Timothy has a collection that would make any pirate jealous. He is net worth (approx.) $3 million.

Net worth is a fancy way of saying how much money someone’s treasure chest has. Timothy’s treasure chest is growing because he does such a great job in movies. Even though the exact number of coins in his chest is a secret, it’s safe to say he has enough to buy lots of ice cream cones! And just like in his favorite adventure stories, Timothy’s journey to find more treasures is far from over.

Future Plains

Timothy Shalloway has big plans for the future! Just like when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up, Timothy dreams about all the new movies he wants to act in. He hopes to play characters that are heroes, maybe even in outer space or in a magical kingdom.

Timothy also wants to learn new things that can help him become an even better actor, like how to ride a horse or speak another language. He’s also thinking about making his movie one day, where he gets to decide the story and who the characters are. Timothy’s future looks as exciting as a treasure map, leading to lots of adventures.

Social Media Presence

Timothy Shalloway loves to share bits of his life and adventures on social media. Imagine a place online where you can show pictures of your dog, your drawings, and even what you ate for lunch! That’s what Timothy does. He uses apps on his phone to post these pictures and videos so people who like his movies can see what he’s up to when he’s not acting.

It’s like a magic window where fans can peek into his world. Sometimes, he even shares funny moments or talks about his favorite books and movies. It’s a way for Timothy to stay connected with people who enjoy his work and to spread smiles across the internet.


Playing with his dog: Timothy has a fluffy dog he loves to play and run around with. They spend a lot of time together, having fun at the park.

Reading books: He enjoys reading all sorts of books, especially adventure stories that take him to magical lands and exciting places without leaving his room.

Playing soccer: Timothy likes to play soccer with his friends. He runs fast and tries to score goals. It’s a fun way for him to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

Drawing and painting: With crayons, markers, and paint, Timothy creates colorful pictures of everything from animals to landscapes. It’s like he brings his imagination to life on paper.

Listening to music: Whether he’s at home or in the car, Timothy loves listening to music. It makes him happy, and he sometimes even dances to the beat. 

Favorite Things

Favorite Food: Timothy loves eating pizza. He thinks it’s yummy because it has cheesy goodness and can have so many toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, and even pineapples.

Favorite Color: Blue is his top pick. He likes it because it reminds him of the sky on a sunny day or the deep ocean full of exciting sea creatures.

Favorite Movie: He enjoys watching superhero movies the most. They make his dream of having superpowers to help people and save the day.

Favorite Animal: Dogs, especially his fluffy friend. He loves dogs because they are loyal, friendly, and always happy to see you.

Favorite Sport: Soccer is his go-to sport. Running on the field and kicking the ball into the net feels thrilling to him. These are just a few of Timothy Shall way’s favorite things that make him happy and smile.

Interesting Facts About

Timothy’s First Movie: When Timothy was just a little older than you, he acted in his first movie. It was like being on a real-life adventure.

Loves Animals: Besides his fluffy dog, Timothy loves all animals. He thinks they’re all special in their way. 

Super Cool Talent: Timothy can do amazing voices! Imagine talking like a pirate or a robot. That’s something he’s really good at.

Dream Place to Visit: Timothy dreams of exploring space. He thinks floating among the stars would be the coolest adventure ever.

School Plays: Before movies, Timothy acted in plays at school. He loved dressing up as different characters and telling stories on stage.

Ice Cream Fan: Timothy’s favorite treat is ice cream. He loves trying all the different flavors, but chocolate is his top favorite!


Can Timothy really do different voices?

Yes! Timothy is super good at making all sorts of fun voices. Imagine him sounding like a pirate or even a talking robot.

Does he have any pets?

Timothy has a fluffy dog that he loves very much. They play and have fun together a lot.

What’s his favorite ice cream?

Chocolate ice cream is Timothy’s favorite. He loves it more than any other flavor.

Has he always been an actor?

Not always! Timothy started by acting in school plays, pretending to be different characters on stage before he became a movie star.

What’s Timothy’s dream place to visit?

He dreams about floating in space among the stars. That would be his most excellent adventure. 


Timothy Shalloway is a real-life storybook hero who shows us that with imagination and hard work, dreams can come true. Just like in his adventures on screen, Timothy’s journey teaches us to be curious, to explore, and to always believe in ourselves. Whether he’s acting in movies, playing with his dog, or dreaming of space.

Timothy reminds us that life is an adventure waiting to be discovered. So, let’s take a page from Timothy’s book and dream big, be kind, and always keep exploring. One day, we’ll find our adventures just like Timothy Shalloway.


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