Jason Earles Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Jason Earles

Jason Earles is a well-known American actor, martial artist, and comedian. He was born to his mother, Jenny Earles, on April 26, 1977, in San Diego, California. Jason has four siblings, three brothers, and one sister. He is 47 years old today, and his horoscope sign is Taurus. Jason Earles is also a proud Christian. He is net worth (approx.) $8 million.

With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 63 kilograms. Jason is best known for his role as Jackson Stewart in the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. He has also appeared in various TV shows and movies, showcasing his versatility as an actor.


  • Name:                                               Jason Earles
  • Date of birth:                                26 April 1977
  • Place of birth:                                San Diego, California
  • Age (as 2024):                                    47 Years Old
  • Religion:                                           Christian
  • Net worth (approx.):                       $8 million

Who is Jason Earles?

Jason Earles is a very cool person who does many fun things. Imagine being an actor who pretends to be different characters on TV shows and movies; that’s what he does! He’s also a martial artist, which means he’s good at karate, and a comedian who makes people laugh a lot. Jason became famous for playing a big brother on a show called Hannah Montana, where he had many funny moments.

People like watching him because he’s good at making them smile. Besides acting, he loves doing martial arts and making jokes, showing everyone how talented he is in many ways. Isn’t it awesome to be good at so many things. He shows us that if you work hard, you can achieve your dreams in different areas you love.

Also Raed;

Jason Earles Early Life and Education

Jason Earles grew up in a big, loving family with his mom, Jenny, three brothers, and a sister in sunny San Diego, California. Imagine having that many playmates right at home! Jason always had someone to play and laugh with. He went to school just like you when he was just a little older than you. He loved learning and playing with his friends.

The school was where he discovered he liked acting. He pretended to be different characters in school plays, like playing dress-up but with an audience watching. This is where Jason’s journey to becoming an actor and making people laugh began. He worked hard in school and always remembered to have fun, just like you should.

Jason Earles Parents and Siblings

Jason Earles has a big family, just like some of you might have! He grew up with his mom, Jenny, and has four family members: his brothers and sisters. That means he has three brothers to play with and have fun with and one sister with whom he can share secrets. Can you imagine having that many siblings.

You would never be bored because you would always have someone to play games or watch movies with. Jason’s family must have had a lot of fun times together, laughing and making memories. Having a big family like Jason’s sounds like a daily adventure.

Jason Earles


Wife And Girlfriend

Jason Earles has a special someone with whom he decided to share his heart. He got married to a lady named Katie Drysen in 2017. Imagine having a big party with all your friends and family to celebrate love; that’s what they did! Katie isn’t just his wife but also his best friend.

They like doing lots of fun things together, like going on adventures, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. Before Katie, Jason might have had girlfriends, but now his heart is all for Katie. They show us that finding someone you love to spend time with is a beautiful part of life.

Jason Earles Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance

Jason Earles is a man who looks a lot like the characters he plays on TV. He’s not too tall and not too short, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weight 63, which is just right for all the fun roles he gets to play. Even though we don’t know exactly how much he weighs, we can tell he stays fit, probably from all the martial arts he does to keep him strong and quick.

Jason has light brown hair that sometimes looks golden in the sunshine, and his eyes are a bright and friendly blue, like a clear sky on a sunny day. People often notice his big smile first because it shows he’s happy and loves to make others laugh. Isn’t it cool how someone’s outside look can tell us a bit about their inside joy.

Jason Earles Before Fame

 Jason Earles became famous for making us laugh on TV, he was just a regular kid, not so different from you! Imagine going to school, playing at recess, and hanging out with friends – that’s what Jason’s life was like. He didn’t start as a star; he was a boy who loved stories and pretending to be heroes from his favorite movies. Jason used his imagination just like when you play make-believe with your friends.

He enjoyed acting in school plays, where he dressed up and performed in front of people for the first time. This was the start of his dream to become an actor. Back then, he didn’t have fans or walk on red carpets, but he had big dreams and a lot of fun playing different roles, just like you do when playing with your friends.

Jason Earles Career

Jason Earles’ journey to becoming a famous actor is like a fun adventure story. He started acting in plays at school, like when you play pretend with your friends, but in front of many people sitting in chairs watching you. Then, he grew up and got to be on TV! Jason became famous for being on a show called Hannah Montana, where he played the funny older brother. He didn’t stop there.

He acted in other TV shows and movies, making people laugh and enjoy their time watching him. Imagine playing dress-up and make-believe, but as your job where millions of people see you do it. That’s what Jason does, and he loves it. He shows us that following your dreams can lead to exciting adventures.

Jason Earles Net Worth and Achievements

Jason Earles has done some pretty cool things in his life! He’s like a treasure hunter who has found many shiny treasures along his journey. Imagine having a piggy bank; for Jason, this piggy bank is filled with the money he made from acting, making people laugh, and making awesome martial arts moves. His piggy bank might have around $8 million.

That’s like having a mountain of toy cars or dolls. Not just that, Jason has also won some special awards because he’s so good at what he does. It’s like doing something great and getting a gold star or a trophy. Jason has his collection of “gold stars” for being an amazing actor and making many people happy. He shows us that working hard and being kind can lead to wonderful things.

Jason Earles Future Plains

Jason Earles has big dreams for the future, just like when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up. He wants to keep making people laugh and smile by acting in more movies and TV shows. Picture yourself playing your favorite game or sport daily; that’s how Jason feels about acting and martial arts.

He also dreams of teaching others how to be amazing martial artists, like a super coach who helps you get better at something you love. Jason wants to travel and have adventures, maybe even in places you’ve read about in your storybooks. He believes in trying new things and having fun, showing us that dreaming big and having fun plans can make the future exciting.

Jason Earles Social Media Presence

Jason Earles loves sharing parts of his fun life and cool adventures online, just like how you might share your drawings or toys with friends! He uses websites and apps, such as Instagram and Twitter, where many people can see what he’s doing. Imagine being able to show your funny faces or awesome dance moves to everyone; that’s what Jason does.

He posts pictures of himself doing martial arts, hanging out with his family, and sometimes even with his pets! It’s like a magical book that keeps getting new stories and pictures. So, if you ever want to see what new, fun things Jason is up to, you can look him up online with a little help from your family. It’s a way to feel close to him and all the cool stuff he does.

Jason Earles



Playing Video Games: Like many of us, Jason loves playing video games. He enjoys the adventure and excitement that comes with each game.

Martial Arts: Remember how we mentioned he’s a martial artist. Well, practicing martial arts is not just a skill for him; it’s a fun hobby, too. He gets to jump, kick, and show off his cool moves.

Drawing and Painting: Jason likes to create art. He makes pictures come to life with colors and pencils, just like magic.

Watching Movies: He loves to watch movies, especially funny ones that make him laugh out loud.

Hiking: Jason enjoys being outdoors and exploring nature. Hiking up hills and walking through forests are adventures he likes. 

Favorite Things

Pizza Party: Jason loves eating pizza. Imagine having all the yummy slices you want with your favorite toppings. That’s a dream come true for him.

Superheroes: He is a big fan of superheroes. He loves watching movies about them and even pretends to be one sometimes. It’s like having superpowers.

The Color Blue: Blue is his favorite color. It reminds him of the sky on a sunny day or the deep ocean full of adventures.

Dogs: Jason has a big heart for dogs. He thinks they’re the best friends anyone could have. They’re fun to play with and always happy to see you.

Music and Dancing: He loves listening to music and dancing. It’s like having a party any time you want. Music makes everything more fun.

Interesting Facts About

Voice of a Ninja: Jason once gave his voice to a ninja character in a cartoon. Imagine talking, and it sounds like a sneaky, cool ninja on TV.

Super Old Brother: In “Hannah Montana,” he played a teenager when he was much older. It’s like when you play pretend and are the spaceship’s captain, even though you’re still in school.

Karate Master: Besides acting, Jason is super good at martial arts. He can do high kicks and swift moves like the heroes you see in action movies.

Silly Faces: Jason loves making silly faces to make people laugh, especially when taking photos. It’s like when you make funny faces in the mirror to see who can be the silliest.

Big Disney Fan: He loves Disney movies and theme parks. Imagine riding roller coasters and meeting your favorite characters, which Jason enjoys doing.

Birthday Buddy: His birthday is on April 26, which might be the same as someone you know.


 How old is Jason Earles?

He’s a bit older than a teenager, even if he played one on TV.

Is Jason good at karate?

Yes! He can do awesome karate moves, just like a superhero. 

Does Jason have pets?

He sure does! He loves dogs and thinks they are the best buddies.

What’s Jason’s favorite color?

 It’s blue, like the sky on a sunny day.

Can Jason Earles make silly faces?

Absolutely! He loves making funny faces to make people laugh.

What games does Jason like to play?

Video games are super fun for him, especially ones with adventures. 


Jason Earles is like a superhero in real life. He shows us that being funny, kind, and working hard can make dreams come true. Just like Jason loves acting, martial arts, and making people laugh, you can find what you love to do, too. Whether drawing, playing sports, or reading books, doing what makes you happy is important.

Remember, always keep dreaming and having fun like Jason Earles does every day. And who knows. One day, you’ll share your amazing stories with the world. Keep smiling, keep playing, and keep being the awesome you.


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