Touriya Haoud Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Touriya Haoud

Touriya Haoud is a successful and talented actor and model known for her stunning looks and captivating performances on screen. She has been in the industry for several years and earned significant money through her hard work and dedication. She is net worth (approx.) $4 million.

Born in 1 October 1977, Touriya is currently 47 years old and continues to thrive in her career. Along with her professional achievements, she is also a loving wife and mother to her three children. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 63 kilograms.


Full Name:
Touriya Haoud
Date of Birth:
October 01, 1977
Age(as 2024):
47 years
Net worth(approx):
$4 million


Who is Touriya Haoud?

Touriya Haoud is a very talented lady who acts in movies and is also a model, which means she poses for pictures in magazines and advertisements. She was born in a place called Rhenen in the Netherlands, which is a country far away across the ocean. People worldwide know her because she has been in movies and on TV.

Touriya didn’t start famous; she worked hard to become a star. Besides being on screen, she is a mommy to three kids. She loves her family very much and spends lots of time with them. She is also known for having a big heart and helping others.

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Touriya Haoud Early Life and Education

Touriya Haoud grew up in the Netherlands, a pretty place called Rhenen. Just like you, she loved to play and learn new things when she was a little girl. Touriya went to school in her hometown, where she made many friends and had fun learning about all sorts of exciting things. She was a good student who liked reading books and dreamed of becoming a star one day.

As she got older, Touriya kept studying hard. She knew that to reach her dreams, she needed to learn as much as possible. So, she paid close attention to her classes and worked hard every day. That’s how she started her journey to become the outstanding actor and model she is today.

Touriya Haoud


Touriya Haoud Parents and Siblings

Touriya Haoud has an extraordinary family who has always been there for her. She was born to loving parents who supported her dreams from when she was tiny. Her mom and dad always encouraged her to do her best, whether in school or when she started acting and modeling. Tourism isn’t the only child in her family; she has brothers and sisters, too.

They grew up playing together, sharing secrets, and having fun. Imagine having a sister or brother who is your best friend and cheers for you in everything you do. That’s how Touriya’s siblings are for her. They are a close-knit team, always looking out for each other.

Touriya Haoud Husband and Boyfriend

 Touriya Haoud’s life, a special someone became her husband. His name is Greg Vaughan, and he is also famous, just like Touriya, because he acts in TV shows. They met, and it was like a fairytale; they fell in love and decided to get married. Together, they shared many happy moments and even welcomed three wonderful children into their family.

However, as sometimes happens in stories, their journey together takes a different path, and they decide not to be husband and wife anymore. But they both remain loving parents to their children, ensuring they are happy and cared for. Love and family are essential to Touriya; she always puts her heart into everything she does, showing kindness and care to those she loves.

Touriya Haoud Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance

She born on October 01, 1977, just 47 years old. Touriya Haoud is like a tall, strong tree in a beautiful garden. She stands as tall as five stacks of giant storybooks placed one on top of the other, about 5 feet and 8 inches and weight 63 kg . Touriya has a unique way of keeping herself healthy and strong, like your favorite superheroes. She weighs as much as a big, fluffy, adult Golden Retriever, which is to say, her weight is suitable for her tall frame.

When you see Touriya, you might think she’s like a princess from your favorite fairy tales because she has lovely long hair, sparkling eyes, and a smile that lights up the room. She takes good care of herself by eating lots of fruits and veggies, playing fun games, and laughing, which helps her look and feel fabulous.

Touriya Haoud Before Fame

 Touriya Haoud became a shining star in movies and on magazine covers, she was just a little girl with big dreams. Imagine a tiny seed that dreams of growing into a tall, beautiful tree. That was Touriya, dreaming of bright lights and big cities. She was like any other kid in her hometown of Rhenen, in the Netherlands. She loved to play make-believe, act out stories, and dress up in fun costumes.

Maybe she pretended to be a queen or a superhero, using her imagination to travel to faraway places. This playful spirit and love for storytelling were her first steps toward becoming the actor and model we know today. RowTouriya’s dreams needed encouragement and love, which her family happily gave, like a seed that needs water and sunlight to grow. Every step she took was closer to making those dreams come true.

Touriya Haoud Career

 Touriya Haoud became a star. She started as a model, which meant she got to dress up in beautiful clothes and pose for pictures that would be seen worldwide. But Touriya didn’t stop there! She also became an actor, bringing stories to life on TV and in movies. Imagine playing dress-up, but as your job, and instead of your backyard, you’re on big sets with cameras pointing at you.

That’s what Touriya does! She pretends to be different people, telling their stories and taking us on adventures. From posing in magazines to acting on the big screen, Touriya works hard to make believe and have fun doing it.

Net Worth

Touriya Haoud is like a treasure hunter who has found many shiny gold coins. Imagine having a big, sparkly treasure chest filled with over 4 million golden coins. That’s how much Touriya has earned from being in movies and posing for pictures. She didn’t find this treasure under the sea or in a secret cave; she earned it by working hard and being good at her job.

She is net worth (approx.) $4 million. Just like how you save up your allowance for something special, Touriya saved and earned all this treasure by sharing her talent with the world. She shows us that you can create your treasure chest full of achievements and success with hard work and passion.

Touriya Haoud



Future Plains

 Touriya Haoud is doing with her plans. She’s like a brave explorer, ready to journey into new lands of acting and modeling, carrying her map of dreams. Even though we don’t have a magical telescope to see exactly where she’ll go, she will keep being amazing in movies and even on stages where she can act out stories live in front of people.

She might also spend sunny days taking more beautiful pictures for magazines. Touriya’s future is like a garden just waiting for new flowers to bloom, and we’re all excited to see the beautiful things she will grow.

Social Media Presence

Touriya Haoud loves sharing pieces of her exciting life and beautiful pictures online, like when you share your favorite drawings or stories with your friends. She uses unique places on the internet called social media platforms, where lots of people can see what she’s doing and send her friendly messages.

Imagine having a magical book where you can instantly show your artwork to family and friends, even if they live far away. That’s how Touriya uses her social media. She posts photos of her adventures, her work as a model and actress, and sweet moments with her family. It’s like a colorful diary that everyone can peek into and see the fun and beautiful things Touriya wants to share with the world.


 **Painting** Imagine using lots of colors to make beautiful pictures on paper. Touriya loves to paint, creating colorful artwork that looks like the stories in her mind. 

**Reading** Just like when you read fairy tales or adventure books, Touriya enjoys reading too. She loves diving into stories about faraway places and magical worlds. 

**Hiking** Picture a big, green forest with tall trees and singing birds. Touriya likes to walk on paths through forests and up hills, exploring nature and finding peaceful spots.

**Cooking** Think of mixing ingredients like a wizard to make delicious treats. Touriya enjoys cooking tasty meals for her family and trying new recipes and flavors. 

Favorite Things

 **Chocolate Ice Cream** Just like many of us, Touriya loves chocolate ice cream’s sweet, chilly taste. Imagine it melting in your mouth on a hot day yum.

**Sunny Beach Days** Picture a big, beautiful beach with golden sand and sparkling water. Touriya loves to spend time here, feeling the warm sun and listening to the waves. 

**Movies** Touriya enjoys watching hilarious movies that make her laugh out loud. It’s like going on a mini-adventure while sitting on the couch.

**Music** Dancing and singing along to her favorite tunes is something Touriya enjoys. Music makes her heart happy, and her feet want to move.

Interesting Facts About

 **Speaks Many Languages** Touriya isn’t just good at acting and modeling; she’s also a language wizard! She can speak multiple languages, allowing her to talk to people worldwide.

 **Loves Animals** Touriya has a big heart for animals, just like many kids. She loves all kinds of creatures and enjoys spending time with them.

**Travel Fan** Touriya is like a real-life explorer. She loves to travel and see new places. Imagine going on adventures to different countries and learning about their cultures. 

**Fitness Enthusiast** Even though she loves chocolate ice cream, Touriya also likes to stay active. She exercises to keep herself healthy and strong, just like superheroes do.

**A Nature Lover** When she’s not in front of the camera, you might find Touriya enjoying the beauty of nature. 


Can Touriya speak more than one language?

Yes, she can! Touriya is terrific at speaking different languages, which helps her make friends worldwide.

Does Touriya have any pets?

While we didn’t talk about specific pets, Touriya loves animals a lot. So, she might have some furry friends.

What’s Touriya’s favorite thing to do?

Touriya has many hobbies, but she especially loves painting, reading, hiking, and cooking. She enjoys these activities because they make her happy.

Where does Touriya like to travel?

Touriya loves exploring new places. She’s like an adventurer, always ready to discover something exciting and learn about different cultures.


 Touriya Haoud a lot like a superhero from our favorite stories. Touriya has traveled on a big adventure, from a small girl with dreams to a shining star in movies and magazines. She’s shown us that working hard and caring for others makes you even more special. Like in the best fairy tales, her life is full of love, laughter, and magical moments with her family and friends.

And remember, we have our own story to write, just like Touriya. One day, you’ll be sharing your adventures with the world. Keep dreaming big, learn new things, and always be kind. That’s the true secret to a happy story.


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