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Robert Noah

Robert Noah born on 1935 – 1938, just 84 – 87 years old. Is a well-known comedian who has captured people’s hearts worldwide with humor and wit. Born in South Africa during the apartheid era, Robert’s childhood was far from ordinary. Despite the restrictions, his parents fell in love and had him, defying societal norms. He is net worth (approx.) $1–$2 million.

With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 60 kilograms. This was just the beginning of Robert’s unique and fascinating life, which he would later incorporate into his comedy routines. Robert Noah has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with a successful career as a stand-up comedian and host of The Daily.


Robert Noah
Date of birth
Between 1935 – 1938
84 – 87 years old
Businessman and chef
 Net worth(approx)
 $1–$2 million.

Who is Robert Noah?

Robert Noah is a funny person who makes a lot of people laugh. He was born in a place called South Africa a long time ago. When Robert was a little boy, he lived in a time when things were unfair for everyone. His mom and dad loved each other very much, even though it was hard for them to be together because of the rules back then. But they were brave and had Robert. Growing up, Robert liked to tell stories and make jokes.

His love for making people smile became his job when he grew up. Now, Robert travels worldwide, telling jokes and making people happy. He also talks to people on a TV show called The Daily Show, where he shares funny takes on what’s happening worldwide. His shows us that laughing and being kind can improve the world.

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Robert Noah Early Life and Education

 Robert Noah was a little boy, he lived in a place full of sunshine and big dreams, South Africa. His life started in a time when not everyone was treated the same, which made growing up there very special. Robert went to school like you but also learned a lot from the world around him. His mom and dad taught him important lessons about love and kindness, even when things seemed tough.

At school, Robert loved reading and playing with his friends. He was always curious, asking many questions and finding funny ways to see the world. This love for learning and laughing helped him become the person who makes many people happy today.

Robert Noah Parents and Siblings

Robert Noah has a very interesting family story. His mom is named Patricia, and she is from South Africa. He is very kind and taught Robert lots of important things about life. His dad’s name is Robert, too, just like him! But his dad is from a faraway place called Switzerland. Even though it was not easy.

Robert’s mom and dad found a way to be together because they loved each other very much. This was a big deal because, back then, people from different backgrounds were not supposed to fall in love. Robert doesn’t talk much about brothers or sisters so that he might be an only child. His family’s love story is special and shows that love is powerful.

Robert Noah Wife And Girlfriend


Robert Noah has a love story that feels like a fairy tale. He’s very private regarding his love life, which means he doesn’t share much about it. We do know that he cares deeply about respect and kindness, both in friendships and love. Like in the stories, finding true love is important, and everyone hopes for it, including Robert.

He believes in treating everyone with kindness, whether they are friends or someone special. So, while we might not know if Robert has a wife or a girlfriend right now, we understand that whoever might be in his life is treated with lots of love and respect.

Robert Noah Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance

Robert Noah born on 1935 – 1938, just 84 – 87 years old. He which means he has had a lot of birthdays. People are often curious about how tall someone is or how much they weigh, like when you measure how tall you’ve grown on your birthday. Well, Robert is pretty tall, like the height of six stacked large pizza boxes! With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 60 kilograms.

That’s a funny way to think about it. But it helps us imagine how tall he might be. As for his looks, Robert has a bright smile that lights up the room, just like when you smile. He keeps his hair short and neat, which makes him look very smart, like a superhero without a cape.

His eyes sparkle when he jokes, making everyone around him giggle and laugh. Remember, not just how someone looks on the outside matters, but how they make us feel with their kindness and laughter.

Robert Noah Before Fame

 Robert Noah became famous, he was just a kid with big dreams and a love for making people laugh. Imagine being a little kid who finds everything around him funny and wants to share that laughter with everyone. That was Robert! He would tell jokes at school, at home, and even when playing with friends.

Picture a young boy, always with a twinkle in his eye, ready to make you giggle with a funny story or a silly face. Even when he was supposed to be serious, Robert found a way to sneak in a little joke. This was his way of spreading joy and happiness, like a superhero with the power of laughter. Before the world knew him as a comedian, Robert was a laughter hero in his little world.

Robert Noah Career

Robert Noah grew up loving to make people laugh, and when he became a grown-up, he turned that love into his job. He became a stand-up comedian, which means he stands in front of many people and tells funny stories to make them giggle. Robert got so good at this that he became famous worldwide.

He even became the host of a TV show called The Daily Show, where he talks about things happening worldwide in a way that makes people chuckle. His job is like being a superhero, but instead of a cape, he uses his jokes to spread joy and laughter everywhere he goes.

Robert Noah Net Worth

Robert Noah is someone many people enjoy listening to and watching on TV because he’s very funny. When someone does a job, they get money for it, just like you might get an allowance for chores. Because Robert makes so many people laugh, he gets paid for it. Imagine having a big piggy bank that you keep filling up every time you make someone smile; that’s what happens with Robert.

He is net worth (approx.) $1–$2 million. But instead of a piggy bank, he has what grown-ups call net worth. This means all the money he saved from telling jokes and being on TV. It’s like when you save up all your allowance to buy something big and special. Robert has saved a lot, and that’s because he’s good at making people happy with his jokes.

Future Plains

Robert Noah has big dreams for the future. Just like when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up, Robert has plans, too. He wants to keep making people laugh, not just in his town but worldwide! Imagine being a laughter superhero, flying from place to place, sharing jokes and smiles. That’s what Robert wants to do.

He also dreams of helping kids learn to read and find joy in books, just like he did when he was little. He hopes to make more TV shows that everyone can enjoy together. It’s like building a giant treehouse where everyone is invited to come and laugh. 

Social Media Presence

Robert Noah loves to share smiles and laughs not just on TV but also on the internet! He uses social media, a big digital playground where everyone can share stories, pictures, and videos. Imagine having a magic book where you can draw a funny picture or write a silly joke and then show it to friends worldwide that’s what social media is like for Robert.

He posts funny videos that make people giggle and shares pictures where he’s making funny faces. It’s a way for him to send a little happiness to people’s phones or computers, helping everyone feel joyful every day.


  • Robert Noah loves to tell jokes but also enjoys doing fun things when he’s not making people laugh on TV. 
  • One of his favorite hobbies is playing with his dog. They run around in the park, and it looks like they’re both smiling the whole time.
  • He also likes to read books. Imagine sitting under a big, shady tree, getting lost in a world of pirates, dragons, or funny animals. That’s what Robert does to relax. 
  • Drawing is another hobby of his. He doodles cartoons that sometimes end up being part of his jokes. It’s like his funny thoughts come to life on paper.
  • Lastly, Robert enjoys cooking. He tries to make meals from different places around the world. It’s like going on an adventure but in the kitchen.

Favorite Things

 **Chocolate Ice Cream** Like many of us, Robert loves scooping up a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. It’s his go-to treat after a day of making people laugh. 

**Superhero Movies** Robert picks superhero films on movie nights. He loves the action and dreams of having superpowers to spread more joy. 

**Soccer** Kicking a soccer ball around is one of his favorite ways to stay active. He imagines he’s scoring the winning goal in a big game.

**Board Games** Playing with friends is a big deal for Robert. It’s all about fun and a little friendly competition. 

**Music and Dancing** He enjoys music that makes you want to dance. Robert believes that just like laughter, dancing makes the heart happy. 

Interesting Facts About

**Loves Animals** Robert Noah has a big heart for animals. He likes to visit animal shelters and make new furry friends whenever possible.

**Adventure Seeker** He’s not just funny; Robert loves adventures too! He enjoys hiking in the mountains and feels like exploring new worlds.

**Star Gazer** Robert likes to look up at the stars on clear nights. He wonders about the universe and imagines telling jokes on other planets.

**Magic Tricks** Believe it or not, Robert can do magic tricks! He practices them to surprise his friends and add magic to his comedy shows. 

**Language Learner** He loves learning new languages. Robert thinks it’s fun to say “hello” and “thank you” in as many languages as he can learn.


What does Robert Noah do?

He makes people laugh by telling jokes and stories. He’s also the host of a TV show called The Daily Show. 

Where is Robert from?

He was born in South Africa, which is full of sunshine and big dreams. 

Does Robert have any pets?

Yes, he has a dog and loves playing in the park.

What are some things Robert likes?

He loves chocolate ice cream, watching superhero movies, playing soccer, and dancing to fun music. 


 Robert Noah, we’ve discovered how he fills the world with laughter and kindness. From being a small boy in South Africa with big dreams to making those dreams come true, Robert teaches us that sharing happiness and always being kind is important. He shows us that no matter where you come from, you can make a big difference in the world with your smile and jokes.

Just like Robert, we can all be superheroes of joy, spreading giggles and love wherever we go. Remember, every laugh you share makes the world a little brighter. Let’s keep laughing together and make the world happier, just like Robert Noah does.


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