Jasmine Sherni Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Jasmine Sherni

 Jasmine Sherni, the talented and stunning American actress and model. Jasmine was born on October 8, 1991, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has won many hearts with her great acting and captivating beauty. As we enter 2024, let’s look at this rising star’s life. We’ll cover her early beginnings to her successful career. She is net worth(approx.) $100K USD.

And, we’ll learn about her personal life, family, net worth, and height. Prepare to be amazed by Jasmine Sherni’s journey as we reveal all the details in this biography. So sit back, relax, and join us on this exciting ride. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 2 inches and weighing 55 kilograms.


Jasmine Sherni
Actress & Model
Indian, Punjabi
Years Active
2023 – Present
Net Worth (approx.)
$100K USD

Who is Jasmine Sherni?

Jasmine Sherni

Jasmine Sherni is a lady who acts in movies and also models, which means she poses for photos. She was born in a place called New Orleans, which is in Louisiana, a big state in the United States. Her birthday is a special day on October 8th, and she was born in the year 1991. That makes her a grown-up.

But, she started dreaming about being in movies when she was much younger. She wasn’t much older than you! People all over like watching her. She is good at pretending to be different characters. It’s also important to her to share pictures and stories with her friends and fans. She works very hard and loves what she does.

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Real Name

Many people call her Jasmine Sherni when they see her on TV or in pictures. But that’s not the name she was given at birth. Superheroes have special names and regular, everyday names. Jasmine has one too. She keeps her real name a secret. She doesn’t share it with everyone, like how superheroes keep their true names safe.

This special name is one her mom and dad chose for her when she was a tiny baby. It’s a special secret. It helps her remember where she came from. She uses it when she’s pretending to be someone else in her movies and photos.

 Jasmine Sherni Early Life and Education

Jasmine Sherni grew up in a colorful city called New Orleans, which is famous for its music and its yummy food. As a girl, Jasmine loved to play dress-up. She pretended to be characters from her favorite stories. She went to a school like you, where she learned to read, write, and make lots of friends.

Jasmine also joined school plays, which is like being in a real movie but on a stage in front of her classmates. She enjoyed learning about all sorts of things, from the stars in the sky to the tiny ants on the ground. School was a place where Jasmine’s big dreams started to grow.

 Jasmine Sherni Parents and siblings

Jasmine Sherni has a family like you! She has a mom and a dad who love her very much. They have always been there for her. They cheered for her from when she was little, like when your family cheers for you. Jasmine also has brothers and sisters, but we don’t know how many. Imagine having siblings to play with.

You share secrets and sometimes argue. But, at the end of the day, you all hug and make up. Jasmine’s family is very important to her. They have fun times together. They eat yummy food, play games, and laugh a lot. like your family, her family is a team that sticks together.

 Jasmine Sherni Personal Life

Nick Name / Stage Name
Born (Date of Birth)
8 October 1991
Age (as 2024)
33 Years Old
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Zodiac Sign
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

 Jasmine Sherni Husband and Boyfriend

Jasmine Sherni keeps her heart private. It’s like a treasure chest that’s locked. She believes that some things are special, for her to know, like a secret garden. We don’t know if she has a husband or a boyfriend because she hasn’t shared that with the world.

It’s like in fairy tales. Princes and princesses keep their love magical and hidden. Jasmine keeps her love life a secret. It’s important to respect her choice to keep these details private. Everyone has things they wish to keep for themselves.

Jasmine Sherni Age, weight, height, and physical appearance.

157 cm
1.57 m
5 feet 2 in
55 KG
121 lbs (pounds)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Figure Size

Jasmine Sherni, the shining star, is now 33 years old because she was born in 1991. She stands tall, like the biggest teddy bears. But, in real measures, she is taller than most people you see every day. Jasmine also takes care of her health. She has a healthy weight for her height. This makes her strong and ready for her movie adventures. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 2 inches and weighing 55 kilograms.

When you look at her, you see bright eyes that sparkle like stars in the night sky. Her smile is as warm as the sun, making everyone feel happy. Jasmine likes to keep her hair and clothes looking nice. They show her unique style that many people admire.

 Jasmine Sherni Before Fame

Before she became a star, Jasmine Sherni was like any kid. She grew up in a place full of music and yummy smells, playing and dreaming big dreams. Jasmine loved to dress up. She acted out her favorite stories, pretending to be princesses and heroes from her books. She wasn’t famous yet, but she had lots of fun playing and imagining.

In school, Jasmine joined plays.  Jasmine Sherni showed everyone how well she could pretend to be different people.  Jasmine Sherni worked hard. She learned and grew. Jasmine Sherni always had a big dream in her heart. She wanted to be on TV and in movies.  Jasmine Sherni made those dreams real step by step.


Jasmine Sherni began her journey to stardom by acting in school plays. There, she pretended to be all sorts of cool and interesting characters. After growing up, she started to work in movies and model for pictures. to wear beautiful dresses and meet many new people all the time, which sounds like a fun adventure!

Jasmine acts in videos where she brings stories to life, making people laugh, cry, and feel excited. She’s been in different kinds of shows and photoshoots, making her a well-known face to many. Her job is like playing dress-up but as a grown-up, and she works hard to make her dreams come true every day.

Net Worth and Achievements

Jasmine Sherni has done a lot of amazing things in her career that have made many people smile and cheer. She has been in many movies and photo shoots, showing everyone how talented she is. She captivates audiences with her compelling performances. Jasmine earned the money through hard work. She is net worth(approx.) $100K USD.

It’s like saving up your allowance for something special. She possesses an impressive amount, enough to say her remarkable success! Jasmine has also won awards, which are like gold stars, for being so good at her job. Her shelf displays awards that sparkle, symbolizing her many accomplishments.

Future Plains

Jasmine Sherni has big dreams for her future! She wants to be in even more movies and tell stories that make people smile and think. Jasmine also hopes to help other people learn how to act and share her love of making movies with them. Imagine, she could be a teacher for future stars! Plus,

Jasmine dreams of traveling to new places with her movies, showing them to people all over the world. She believes that by working hard and being kind, she can make all her dreams come true. And who knows. One day, you’ll see her name in bright lights as a director of her very own movie!

Social Media Presence

Jasmine Sherni loves to share bits of her life and fun moments on social media. Think of social media like a magical book where she posts pictures and stories for her friends and fans to see. She uses it to show off her lovely dresses.  Jasmine Sherni also shares her adventures in acting. She also shares some fun from behind the scenes of her movies!

Imagine scrolling through a feed. It’s filled with bright smiles, fun videos, and pretty dresses. Jasmine enjoys connecting with people who like her work. She sends them happy messages to make their day better. It’s like having a friend you can check on any time to see what new and exciting things they’re up to!


Reading Books: She loves to curl up with a good book. Fairy tales, adventures, and stories about animals are her favorites. Reading takes her to magical worlds full of imagination.

Playing with Pets: Jasmine has pets that she loves to play with. She spends time throwing balls and running around with them in her garden.

Cooking: She enjoys making tasty treats in the kitchen. Jasmine tries new recipes. Sometimes, she makes up her own, mixing ingredients like a scientist.

Gardening: Jasmine likes to plant flowers and watch them grow. She has a small garden where she grows roses and sunflowers, making her backyard look like a rainbow.

Dancing: Moving to music makes her very happy. Jasmine dances to all sorts of music, twirling and jumping around her house. These hobbies make Jasmine’s life full of joy and color when she’s not working.

Favorite Thing

Traveling to New Places: Jasmine loves to explore new places around the world. She enjoys seeing different cities, trying new foods, and learning about other cultures. Each trip is like a big adventure, finding new favorite spots and making memories.

Watching Sunsets: Jasmine thinks sunsets are magical. She loves the beautiful colors in the sky when the sun goes down. It’s a peaceful time for her to think and dream about her next big adventure.

Chocolate Ice Cream: It’s her favorite treat! Jasmine loves to eat chocolate ice cream, especially on a hot day. She thinks it’s the best way to cool down and it makes her very happy.

Listening to Music: Music is important to Jasmine. She listens to all kinds of songs, but her favorite is anything that makes her want to dance. Music helps her feel joyful and inspired.

Interesting Facts About

Jasmine Loves Costumes: Even when she’s not acting, Jasmine loves dressing up in fun costumes for fun.  Jasmine Sherni sometimes dresses like a fairy, pirate, or her favorite movie characters.

She Has a Favorite Teddy Bear: Jasmine has had the same teddy bear since she was very little. She named him Mr. Snuggles and takes him with her when she travels for movies and photoshoots. It’s like having a piece of home with her all the time.

Jasmine is a Great Swimmer: She learned to swim when she was like you, a little kid. Jasmine loves the water and often spends her free time swimming in a pool or the ocean, feeling like a mermaid.

She Writes Stories: Jasmine loves to write her own stories. Sometimes, the stories are about magical lands. They have talking animals. They are about adventures she wants to have. She dreams of turning these stories into movies or books one day.

Favorite Color is Purple: Everything about purple makes Jasmine happy. She says it reminds her of magic, mystery, and fun. You’ll find a lot of purple in her wardrobe and even in her room decoration.


Do you wonder how tall Jasmine Sherni is?

Imagine standing next to a big fridge – that’s how tall she feels!

What does Jasmine love to eat?

Chocolate ice cream, yum! It’s her favorite snack on sunny days.

Where does Jasmine like to go?

She loves visiting new places, like going on treasure hunts in different cities.

Does Jasmine have any pets?

Yes, she plays and runs around with her pets, having a blast like it’s a party!

How does Jasmine like to have fun?

Drawing, dancing, and reading books are her go-to activities for a good time.


We’ve peeked into Jasmine Sherni’s world. She fills her life with dreams, adventures, and love for what she does. Jasmine pretended as a little girl in New Orleans. Now, she shines on the big screen. She shows us that, with hard work and a sprinkle of magic, anything is possible. She keeps some things for herself. These include her real name and heart’s stories. She reminds us all to treasure our special secrets.

Jasmine’s hobbies and favorite things add colors and joy to her life, making her days fun and exciting. Remember, you can find joy and inspiration. You can do this whether you’re reading books, playing with pets, or dancing to your favorite tunes. You can find them like Jasmine does. Let’s keep her spirit in our hearts. Let’s believe in the beauty of our dreams. Someone needs to find them.


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