Hayley Davies Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Hayley Davies

 Hayley Davies, is a rising star in entertainment. She’s known for her talent and captivating screen presence. Hayley was born on January 27, 1999, in New Zealand, and she’s emerged as a prominent figure in acting and modeling. Her stunning looks and natural charisma have caught the eye of audiences. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 1 inches and weighing 61 kilograms.

She is net worth(approx.) $100K USD. They have also caught the eye of directors. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Hayley Davies’ age, career, family, net worth, and height. We’ll provide insight into the life of this young and talented actress. From her early beginnings to her rise to fame, we’ll uncover all there is to know about Hayley Davies in 2024. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn more about this rising star.


Hayley Davies
Actress & Model
New Zealander
Years Active
2022 – Present
Net Worth (approx.)
$100K USD

Who is Hayley Davies?

Hayley Davies

Hayley Davies is a great actress and model. She is from a lovely country, New Zealand. Imagine a place with lots of green fields and sheep, that’s where she’s from! Hayley was born on a sunny day, January 27, 1999. From a young age, she loved to act and dress up, showing her family and friends she could be anyone she wanted to be.

Hayley is an acting superhero. She can change how she looks and acts to fit into different stories on TV shows and in movies. People all over like watching her. She is great at playing different characters. Hayley is also good at modeling. This means she poses for pictures in pretty clothes. She shows off how beautiful and stylish they are.

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Hayley Davies Early Life and Education

Hayley Davies grew up in a place full of beautiful nature called New Zealand. As a little girl, she loved playing dress-up and pretending to be different characters. This was her first step into acting. Hayley also loved going to school, where she made lots of friends and learned new things every day.

She was very good at her studies and always had fun in her drama classes. These classes were special because Hayley got to act and show her talent to others. It was like playing, but she was learning how to become a better actress at the same time. Hayley worked hard in school. She also remembered to have fun. This helped her become the talented actress and model she’s today.

Hayley Davies Personal Life

Nick Name / Stage Name
Born (Date of Birth)
27 January 1999
Age (as 2024)
25 Years Old
New Zealand
Zodiac Sign
New Zealand

Hayley Davies Parents and siblings.

Hayley Davies has a lovely family. They’ve always supported her dreams of becoming an actress and model. She has a mom and a dad who love her very much. They often tell stories about how Hayley would perform little plays for them in the living room.

She wore costumes and used funny voices. Hayley also has a brother or a sister. It’s a bit of a mystery who. They play with her and sometimes act as her audience or co-star in home-made performances. They have a lot of fun together, making up stories and acting them out. Her family is very important to her, and they cheer for her every step of the way on her journey to stardom.

Hayley Davie Husband and Boyfriend

Hayley Davies likes to keep her personal life a secret treasure map. She only lets a few people see where X marks the spot. When it comes to the world of dating, Hayley is more like a ninja, keeping everything super secret. So, whether she’s got a boyfriend or not is a bit of a mystery adventure.

Her heart encases itself in a protective barrier, admitting few confidants. It’s like in a fairy tale, if there’s a prince or not in her story, she hasn’t told us yet. Remember, even superheroes and princesses like to have secret hideouts and mystery tales.

Hayley Davies Age, weight, height, and it’s physical appearance

165 cm
1.65 m
5 feet 5 in
61 KG
134 lbs (pounds)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Figure Size


Hayley Davies is 25 years old, as she was born in 1999. Imagine, she’s a bit older than a high school student! Hayley’s height equals two large yardsticks piled upon each other. This stature surpasses many people’s expectations. She has a smile that lights up a room and hair that shines like the sun. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 1 inches and weighing 61 kilograms.

Hayley is in great shape too, kind of like those superheroes you see in comic books. She always looks happy and healthy, running around and being active, which is super cool. You see her on TV or in pictures. She’s always looking her best, showing off her pretty dresses and big, bright smile.

Hayley Davies Before Fame

Before she was famous, Hayley Davies was like any other kid who had big dreams. Hayley Davies loved to play in her backyard, imagining it was a big stage or a magical land. Hayley Davies would pretend to be different characters from her favorite stories. She would act out their adventures with her friends and family.

Hayley’s love for acting and dressing up wasn’t for fun; it was her way of practicing for the big screen. She always knew she wanted to be an actress and worked hard to learn everything she could about acting. Hayley joined school plays and local theater groups, shining bright in every role she got. Each day was a step closer to making her dream come true, turning her childhood play into real-life fame.

Hayley Davies

Hayley Davies Career

Hayley Davies began her adventure in the world of acting and modeling when she was a little older than you! Imagine standing in front of a camera. Bright lights shine on you. You act as if you’re a character from your favorite storybook. That’s what Hayley does! She has been in TV shows where she pretends to be different people.

Sometimes she’s a superhero, and other times she might be a princess or a daring explorer. Hayley has also posed for photos in beautiful dresses, looking like a queen from a fairy tale. Every time she acts or models, she gets to play dress-up for her job. She brings stories to life and shares them with people worldwide.

Hayley Davies Net Worth and Achievements

Hayley Davies is like a treasure hunter in acting and modeling. She has found some shiny treasures! Think of net worth like a big treasure chest. Hayley’s chest is getting fuller because she’s done such great work. People guess she has lots of gold coins in there, but we don’t know the exact number. It’s a secret, like a hidden treasure map. She is net worth(approx.) $100K USD.

She’s also won awards, kind of like gold medals, for being amazing in her acting roles. Imagine winning a shiny star at school for being the best in something. That’s what Hayley gets in her acting world. She’s collected quite a few stars for her treasure chest, making her very proud and happy. Isn’t that cool?

Hayley Davies Future Plains

Hayley Davies has big dreams for the future. They’re like a treasure map with X’s marking new adventures. She wants to act in even bigger movies, like those where she gets to be the hero of a whole new world. Hayley also dreams about traveling to new places. She circulates worldwide, forging bonds with fans across the globe.

She’s thinking about trying to write stories or make short films. In them, she can bring her magical ideas to life. Imagine being able to create your own fairy tale and then being the princess or the brave knight in it. That’s what Hayley wants to do, turning her wonderful dreams into reality, one step at a time.

Hayley Davies Social Media Presence

Hayley Davies is like a sparkly star in the sky of social media. Think of social media as a big playground. There, Hayley shares her adventures with friends all over the world. She posts pictures where she’s dressed up in beautiful outfits. Sometimes, she shares videos where she’s acting or having fun.

It’s as if she’s inviting us to an endless storybook. It’s filled with colorful pictures and exciting tales. On her social media, you can see her smiling and playing. She even shares secrets about what it’s like to be an actress. It’s a magical place. Here, Hayley can connect with people who love watching her on TV and in movies. She makes everyone feel like they’re part of her adventure.

Hayley Davies Hobbies

  • Hayley Davies loves to do fun things when she’s not acting or modeling.
  • She enjoys painting colorful pictures, like a rainbow.
  • Hayley also loves to dance, moving her feet and swinging to music, feeling free as a bird.
  • Reading books is another of her hobbies.
  • She dives into stories, exploring magical lands and meeting interesting characters.
  • When it’s sunny, Hayley likes to go outside.
  • She runs through the fields and has picnics with family and friends. She adores animals.
  • She often spends time playing with her pets and giving them cuddles and treats.
  • Each hobby is like a special treasure, making her smile and bringing joy to her day.

Favorite Thing

  • Hayley Davies has many things she loves to do. But, if we had to pick her very favorite, it would be spending time at the beach.
  • Imagine a big, beautiful beach with golden sand. It tickles your toes. The water is bright blue and sparkles under the sun.
  • That’s where Hayley feels the happiest! She loves to build sandcastles, almost as tall as she is, with towers and moats around them.
  • Hayley also enjoys splashing in the waves, pretending she’s a mermaid on a secret mission.
  • When she’s not jumping in the water, she might find herself lying on a beach towel.
  • She looks at the clouds and dreams up new stories for her acting roles.
  • The beach is a magical place for Hayley, where she can relax, play, and get inspired all at the same time. It’s her special treasure spot in the world.

 Interesting Facts About

  • Hayley once had a small part in a school play where she had to be a tree. She froze, motionless, leading some to mistake her for scenery.
  • She has a pet dog named Sparkles who loves to watch her practice her lines for acting.
  • Hayley loves to eat chocolate ice cream after a long day of shooting for movies or photo shoots. It’s her sweet treat!
  • When she was little, she used to make costumes out of cardboard and tape for her and her mystery sibling to play in.
  • She’s scared of spiders! Even though she’s brave on TV, tiny spiders can make her jump.
  • Hayley has a secret talent for singing. She sometimes shares songs on her social media, but she’s shy about her beautiful voice.
  • She once helped to plant a garden at her school, showing she cares a lot about nature and the environment.


What does Hayley Davies do?

Hayley acts in TV shows and movies, and she also models. It’s like she plays dress-up for her job. She becomes many characters and shows off pretty clothes in photos.

How old is Hayley Davies?

Hayley is 25 years old. She was born in 1999, which might seem like a long time ago to you!

Where is Hayley from?

She’s from New Zealand. It has lots of greenery and sheep. Lots of fun outdoor adventures happen there.

Does Hayley have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, she does! But it’s a bit of a mystery whether she has a brother or a sister. She loves to play and act with them at home.

Is Hayley on social media?

Yep, she’s like a shining star there, sharing her fun moments and adventures with everyone.


In this big adventure we’ve taken to learn about Hayley Davies, we found out she’s not any actress or model. Hayley is like a superhero from New Zealand. Hayley Davies, brings stories to life. She does this whether she’s acting in front of a camera or posing for photos. Hayley Davies, has a loving family. She likes to keep some things secret.

 Hayley Davies, dreams of making bigger splashes in movies and traveling the globe. Hayley also loves sharing bits of her life on social media, making us all feel like part of her exciting journey. Hayley’s story, like a fairy tale, is full of adventure, mystery, and lots of fun. And remember, like Hayley, you can be anything you want to be when you grow up!


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