Katrina Jade Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Katrina Jade

Katrina Jade is a rising star in entertainment. She captivates audiences with her performances and stunning looks. She was born on May 30, 1991, in California. She’s a 33-year-old actress and model. She has amazed the world with her talent and beauty.

Katrina is a fan favorite in adult entertainment. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 4 inches and weighing 55 kilograms. She is net worth(approx.) 350K USD. She has charm, charisma, and versatility that are unique. Her career is impressive. Her popularity keeps soaring. She captivates audiences with her on-screen presence.

But there’s more to this multi-talented artist than meets the eye. In this blog post, we’ll look at Katrina Jade’s age, career, family, net worth, and height. We’ll get a closer look at the woman behind the name. So buckle up and get ready to learn all about the one and only Katrina Jade.


Katrina Jade
Actress & Model
Years Active
2014 – Present
Net Worth (approx.)
350K USD

Who is Katrina Jade?

Katrina Jade

Katrina Jade is a famous lady who acts in movies and does modeling too. She was born in a place called California, which is in the United States, on May 31, 1991. This means she has lots of birthday parties! Katrina is great at pretending to be different characters. That’s what acting is about.

People enjoy watching her because she is very good at her job. Besides acting, she also takes beautiful photos as a model. Katrina loves to share her talents with the world and has made many friends and fans because of her work. She works hard and enjoys making people smile with her performances.

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Katrina Jade Real Name

Katrina Jade’s real name isn’t a secret or a mystery. In her professional life, she is known by that name. Sometimes, actors and models choose different names for work. It’s like how superheroes have special names! But in Katrina’s case, she liked her real name so much that she decided to keep it the same.

It’s a name that sounds like it belongs to someone who is both fun and creative. Envision a name that suits every pursuit, like Katrina Jade’s multifaceted identity. She shows us that sometimes, the name we’re given is the perfect name to shine with.

Katrina Jade Early Life and Education

Katrina Jade grew up in a sunny part of America, called California. As a little girl, she was full of energy. She loved playing different roles, like a doctor one day and an astronaut the next. School was a place where she made lots of friends and learned many interesting things. Katrina liked reading storybooks, drawing colorful pictures, and acting in school plays.

She was a curious kid, always asking “why” and “how” about everything around her. Her teachers said she was a bright student, and she enjoyed learning new things every day. For Katrina, it’s not just about books and homework. It’s also about exploring her passion for acting and dreaming big about her future.

Katrina Jade Personal Life

Nick Name / Stage Name
Born (Date of Birth)
30 May 1991
Age (as 2024)
33 Years
California, United States
Zodiac Sign
California, United States

Katrina Jade Parents and Siblings

Katrina Jade grew up in a big, loving family. She has parents who always supported her dreams, cheering her on from the sidelines. Imagine having your biggest fans living right with you! That’s how Katrina felt with her family. Along with her mom and dad, Katrina’s got siblings too. Siblings are brothers and sisters, and they can be your first best friends.

Katrina enjoyed playing and sharing stories with her siblings. They would often play dress-up and act out their favorite movie scenes together. It was like having a fun playtime every day! Katrina’s family was a big part of her journey, filling her life with love and laughter.

Husband and Boyfriend

Katrina Jade has a special someone in her life. It’s like in fairy tales where princesses meet their princes. She is married to a man who is not only her best friend but also her biggest cheerleader. They share lots of laughs, adventures, and even work together sometimes! Imagine having a sleepover with your best friend every night; that’s how fun their life is.

She often mentions her husband’s name. She does so when she talks about her favorite moments. It shows how important he is to her. They don’t love each other. They are also a team, supporting and cheering for each other in all they do.

Age, weight, height, and physical appearance

160 cm
1.60 m
5 feet 3 in
55 KG
121 lbs (pounds)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Figure Size
Dress Size
36 (EU)

Katrina Jade is 33 years old, like how some of you might have someone in your family who is in their 330s! She takes good care of her body to stay healthy and happy. As for her height, imagine about five and a half stacks of your favorite picture books. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 4 inches and weighing 55 kilograms.

That’s close to how tall Katrina is! She also has long, beautiful hair. Her smile lights up any room, like a princess from your favorite stories. Katrina believes in being strong and confident. She always tries to look her best. She shows everyone it’s important to love who you are.

Before Fame

Long before Katrina Jade became a big star, she was a girl with big dreams in her heart. She lived in a sunny place, California. She loved to play and imagine adventures there. Katrina wasn’t famous back then. She was like any other kid. She went to school, played with her friends, and had fun with her family.

Katrina Jade always had a love for acting, even when she was very small. It’s she liked to dress up and pretend. She was in movies, playing different roles. This is how she started to love acting. She did it by playing and pretending. This helped her become the talented actress she is today.


Katrina Jade started her adventure in the world of acting and modeling when she was a bit older than you. Imagine playing dress-up, but as your job! That’s what Katrina does. She dresses up in different outfits and becomes all sorts of characters for movies. It’s like when you play pretend, but she does it in front of cameras, so lots of people can see her on their screens at home.

Katrina has been in many movies, and people really enjoy watching her because she is very good at acting. She works hard, learns her lines, and puts on a great show every time. Her job is to entertain people by bringing stories to life, and she loves doing it!

Net Worth and Achievements

Katrina Jade has done a lot of amazing things in her job, like being in movies and taking pictures as a model. People really like her work, which has helped her earn a good amount of money. Think of it like this: if you saved all your allowance for a long time, that’s what Katrina has done. But, she did it with her job!

She is net worth(approx.) 350K USD. She also has won awards, which are like gold stars, for being so good at acting. These awards are special prizes that say, “Great job!” to her for making so many people happy by being in movies. Katrina feels proud and happy when she gets these awards, like when you get a gold star in class.

Future Plains

Katrina Jade has big dreams for her future, like when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up. She wants to keep acting in movies because it makes her and her fans happy. Katrina also plans to learn new things. These can make her better at her job, like how you learn new subjects in school.

She hopes to travel to new places for her movies, meeting new friends along the way. Katrina believes in working hard and having fun while doing it. She’s excited to see where her dreams will take her next, always ready for a new adventure.

Social Media Presence

Katrina Jade loves to share bits of her life and fun moments online. It’s like how you might share your drawings or cool Lego builds. She uses places like Instagram and Twitter. People can see pictures and hear stories from her there. Imagine showing your friends your new toys or a dance move.

That’s what Katrina does, but with her fans worldwide! She posts photos from her adventures. She also posts behind-the-scenes from her movies and even her cute pets. It’s like a magical diary that everyone can read and feel closer to her. Katrina enjoys connecting with her friends and fans. Her posts make the world smaller and friendlier.


 Drawing and Painting: Katrina loves to create art. She uses bright colors and her imagination to draw and paint. It’s like when you color in your coloring books.

Playing with Pets: She has some adorable pets at home. Katrina enjoys spending time with them, playing fetch, and cuddling. It’s like having furry best friends!

Reading Books: Katrina loves to read all kinds of books, from fairy tales to adventures. Reading takes her to magical places without leaving her home.

Exploring Nature: Going on hikes and walking in parks is something Katrina really likes. She loves to be outside, breathing fresh air and seeing beautiful flowers and animals.

Cooking Yummy Foods: She enjoys making delicious meals and treats. It’s like a fun experiment in the kitchen. You mix ingredients to make something tasty.

Favorite Thing

Playing Dress-Up: Katrina loves to play dress-up, not for her movies but for fun too! She enjoys trying on different costumes. She pretends to be many characters, from pirates to princesses.

Movie Nights: One of Katrina’s favorite things is to have movie nights at home. She snuggles up with blankets and watches her favorite films. Sometimes, she even watches movies she’s in!

Eating Ice Cream: Katrina has a sweet tooth, and her most loved treat is ice cream. She adores trying new flavors but always has a soft spot for chocolate and vanilla.

Beach Days: She loves going to the beach, feeling the sand between her toes, and listening to the waves. It’s her happy place where she can relax and have fun.

Dancing: Whether it’s in her living room or at a class, Katrina loves to dance. She feels free and happy when she’s moving to the music, and it’s a fun way for her to stay active.

Interesting Facts About

  •  Katrina loves animals! She has some cute pets at home and enjoys playing with them every day. She started acting because she loved dressing up. She also loved pretending to be different characters. She did this even before she became famous.
  • Katrina has a special talent for drawing and painting. She creates colorful artworks when she’s not busy with movies.
  • She once said that it’s her favorite treat, and she loves trying new flavors whenever she can.
  • Katrina likes to stay active by dancing. It’s one of her favorite ways to have fun and keep fit.
  • She enjoys reading all kinds of books. She loves fairy tales and adventure stories. They are some of her favorites because they take her to magical places.
  • Katrina thinks it’s important to spend time outside. She loves going on hikes and visiting parks to see flowers and animals.
  • Movie nights at home are special for her. She loves to watch films under blankets, sometimes even movies she’s in!


 How old is Katrina Jade?

 Katrina is 32 years old, like a cool aunt or uncle you might know!

Does Katrina Jade like animals?

Yes! Katrina loves animals a lot. She has cute pets at home she plays with every day.

What does Katrina do for fun?

Katrina has many fun hobbies! She enjoys drawing. She also likes playing with her pets, reading books, and exploring outside. Katrina Jade also enjoys making yummy food.

Can Katrina Jade dance?

Affirmative! Dancing is one of her favorite things to do. It makes her feel happy and free.

 What’s Katrina’s favorite treat?

Katrina loves ice cream! She’s always excited to try new flavors but chocolate and vanilla are her top picks.

 Does Katrina Jade like to read?

Yes, she loves reading. She loves books about fairy tales and adventures. They are some of her favorites because they take her to magical places.


Katrina Jade’s story is like a beautiful book. It’s filled with exciting chapters. Each one tells us about her adventures, dreams, and all the fun she has every day. She plays different characters in movies. She also explores the outdoors and eats ice cream. Katrina shows us that following our dreams and having fun is super important.

She teaches us to be brave, to keep learning new things, and to always share smiles and laughter with others. Remember, like Katrina, you too can reach for the stars. You can make new friends and create your own magical moments. So, let’s keep dreaming big. Let’s explore the world and find joy in small things, like our friend, Katrina Jade.


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