Valerie Herrera Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Valerie Herrera

Valerie Herrera is a rising star in the world of film and entertainment. She was born in 1982 in Loma Linda, California. This American actress has captured many hearts with her mesmerizing performances. Her birthday is soon. Fans are eager to know about her life, career, family, net worth, and height. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 3 inches and weighing 50 kilograms.

 She is net worth(approx.) $100K USD. In this blog post, we’lla delve into all the details of Valerie Herrera’s journey in the industry. From her early days to her current success, we’ll cover it all. Do you want to know more about this talented actress. Keep reading to learn about Valerie Herrera’s age, career, family, net worth, and height in 2024.

Valerie Herrera Bio/Wiki

Valerie Herrera
Actress & Model
Years Active
2004 – 2009
Net Worth (approx.)
100K USD

Who is Valerie Herrera?

Valerie Herrera

Valerie Herrera is an actress. She plays different characters in movies. It’s like playing pretend with friends. She was born in a sunny place called Loma Linda in California. California is in the United States, a big country with lots of different people and places. Valerie was born on a warm summer day on June 30, 1982.

She has spent a lot of time learning how to act so she can be really good in her movies. Her narrative skills hold viewers entranced with precise storytelling. Isn’t that amazing. Valerie shows us that with hard work, you can follow your dreams and be whoever you want to be in the stories.

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Valerie Herrera Real Name

Valerie Herrera’s real name is like a secret treasure that is special to her. You might have a nickname that your family or friends call you. At birth, someone gave Valerie a name. But when she became an actress, she chose “Valerie Herrera” to be her name on movies and TV shows.

It’s kind of like when you pick a character’s name while playing a game. Valerie’s real name is part of her story. She is the name she shares with the world in her movies and shows.

Valerie Herrera Early Life and Education

Valerie Herrera grew up under the sunny skies of Loma Linda, California. When she was a little girl, not much older than you, she loved to tell stories and play different characters. It was like in your favorite books or cartoons. Valerie went to a school near her house. There, she learned to read, write, and many other exciting things.

These skills helped her become the actress she is today. She had a strong affection for school. It was a place where she could imagine, learn, and dream about all the possibilities for her future. Like you, Valerie was once learning the basics. Look at her now – she’s living her dream of telling stories through movies.

Valerie Herrera Personal Life

Nick Name / Stage Name
Natalie Vasquez
Mary Anne, Ninola
Valerie Vasques
Born (Date of Birth)
30 June 1982
Age (as 2024)
42 Years
Loma Linda, California, United States
Zodiac Sign

Valerie Herrera Parents and Siblings

Valerie Herrera grew up in a normal family. Her parents loved her. She had siblings to play with. Her mom and dad always encouraged her to follow her dreams, especially when she said she wanted to be in movies. Valerie isn’t an only child; she has brothers and sisters she shared lots of fun times with.

They would often play make-believe and act out stories. This helped Valerie become the great actress she is today. Valerie had her siblings to practice acting with. They were like having a brother or sister to play games with.

Valerie Herrera Husband and Boyfriend

In movies, people wonder who the actors are friends with. They also wonder if the actors have someone special in their lives, like a best friend or a partner. For Valerie Herrera, as in fairy tales, princes and princesses have special friends. Or they get married. People wonder if she has someone like that. Valerie likes to keep her life private.

So, she doesn’t talk much about her personal stuff to the world. It’s like having a secret garden where you keep your most special treasures hidden away. You have a best friend you share secrets with. Valerie might have special people in her life, but she chooses to keep that part of her story for herself.

Valerie Herrera Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

160 cm
1.60 m
5 feet 3 in
50 KG
110 lbs (pounds)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Figure Size

Valerie Herrera is like a character from a book who grows a little every year. Now, she is going to be 42 years old, like a tree adding one more ring! Imagine, she’s not too tall, not too short, the right height like some of the heroes in stories. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 3 inches and weighing 50 kilograms.

Valerie looks after herself. She stays healthy and strong, like when you eat fruits and play outside. Her hair and eyes are like colors from a painter’s palette, making her unique. Remember, everyone looks different and that’s what makes all us special, like Valerie. Isn’t it fun to think about how we all grow and change.

Before Fame

Before Valerie Herrera became a star in movies, she was like any other kid, full of dreams and a big imagination. She loved to play pretend. In her stories, she could be anyone, from a brave princess to a clever detective. Valerie spent many days with her friends, acting out these adventures in her backyard. It wasn’t fun and games, though.

Valerie also worked hard in school. She took acting classes to learn how to share stories not with her friends, but with everyone. Valerie Herrera knew to make her dreams come true she had to practice, learn, and never give up. She showed us that every star starts with a dream like ours.


Valerie Herrera became a movie star by acting in many stories on the big screen, where people go to see films. She started small, like when you begin learning something new. But, with lots of practice, she got better and better. Valerie plays different kinds of people in her movies.

She plays heroes saving the day and characters learning big lessons. Each movie is a new adventure for her. She works with other actors to bring these adventures to life for us to watch. She’s been in many films. She loves acting. She shows everyone how dreams come true if you work hard and believe in yourself.

Net Worth and Achievements

Valerie Herrera has done many amazing things in her movies. It’s like when you finish a big puzzle and feel proud. She has a treasure chest, but instead of gold, it’s filled with awards she’s won for being a great actress. People give her these awards to say, “Wow, you’re really good at acting!”

 She is net worth(approx.) $100K USD. Valerie has also saved up some money from acting in movies, which is her net worth. It’s like when you save your allowance for something special. She uses her money to take care of her family and to do nice things for others. Valerie’s hard work in movies makes her not rich in money, but also rich in friends and happy memories.

Future Plains

Valerie Herrera has big dreams for the days ahead. It’s like how you dream about what you want to be when you grow up. She wants to act in more movies, playing even more fun and exciting characters. Imagine dressing up as a superhero or a wizard. You get to pretend that’s who you are every day.

That’s what Valerie hopes to do! She also dreams of telling stories. They can teach us something important. They’re stories that make us think and feel. Valerie believes that by sharing more stories. She can make the world a bit brighter for everyone, like how a good story can make your day better.

Social Media Presence

Valerie Herrera likes to share bits of her acting life and fun moments online. It’s like how you might share stories of your adventures with friends. She uses places on the internet called social media to post pictures and talk about the movies she’s in. Imagine being able to show your drawing to lots of people by putting it on the fridge.

That’s what Valerie does, but with her camera and computer. She likes connecting with people who like her movies. She shares smiles and peeks behind the scenes. It’s a way for her to say hello and share happiness with people all around the world, without even leaving her home!


  • Valerie Herrera loves to do lots of fun things when she’s not acting in movies. Here are some of her favorite hobbies. She likes drawing and painting. Valerie creates pretty pictures. She uses lots of colors and imagination.
  • It’s like magic when her drawings come to life on paper! She enjoys diving into stories. She goes on adventures with knights and dragons. Or, she learns from books about the stars and the planets.
  • Playing with Pets: Valerie has some furry friends at home. She spends time playing fetch with her dog and cuddling with her cat. It’s a purr-fect way to relax!
  • Gardening: She loves to plant flowers and watch them grow. It’s like a tiny world of her own making, right in her backyard.
  • Cooking and Baking: Valerie has fun in the kitchen making tasty treats. Imagine baking cookies that smell like heaven. Or making a pizza topped with all your favorite things!
  • Hiking and Exploring: She loves to go on walks in nature, exploring forests and mountains. Every hike is an adventure waiting to happen.

Favorite Thing

  • Valerie Herrera loves to do many things. But, one of her favorite things shines brighter than the rest: watching sunsets.
  • Valerie thinks the sky changing colors at sunset is magical. It’s like the sky is painting a picture for us, with colors of pink, orange, and purple blending together.
  • She says it makes her feel calm and happy, reminding her that every day is special.
  • Valerie likes to find new places where she can watch the sunset. Sometimes it’s from a hill in the park, and other times it’s by the beach.
  • She believes that sunsets are like the world’s way of saying goodnight. It’s a peaceful time to think about the fun the next day might bring.
  • Valerie even tries to paint the sunsets she sees. She captures the beauty of the moment on canvas to share with others.

Interesting Facts About

  • Valerie loves to learn new dances, like when you hear your favorite song and can’t help but move, she feels the same way!
  • She has a collection of hats from all around the world. Imagine having a hat to wear for every adventure you go on – Valerie does!
  • When she was little, she won a spelling bee! She excelled in the game that required correct word spelling.
  • Valerie has a secret recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies. Baking them is like creating little treasures of yumminess.
  • She once met a real-life astronaut and got to ask them questions about space. It’s like meeting a hero who’s been to the stars!
  • Valerie can speak two languages, making her able to tell stories in more than one way. Imagine saying “hello” and “goodbye” in a language your friend doesn’t know – that’s her cool trick!
  • Her first pet was a goldfish named Sparkle, because of the shiny scales that looked like little glitters.


What does Valerie Herrera do?

Valerie Herrera is an actress. She acts in movies and tells stories by pretending to be different characters.

How old is Valerie Herrera?

As of 2024, Valerie will be 42 years old. Every year on June 30th, she celebrates her birthday.

Does Valerie Herrera have any hobbies?

Yes! Valerie loves drawing. Valerie Herrera also loves reading books, playing with her pets, and gardening. She loves to cook and go on hikes. She finds these activities fun and relaxing.

What’s Valerie’s favorite thing to watch?

Valerie loves watching sunsets. She thinks they’re magical and paints pictures of them.

Can Valerie speak more than one language?

Yes, Valerie can speak two languages, which means she can tell stories in more than one way!


We’ve journeyed through the story of Valerie Herrera. We’ve discovered how her dreams of acting came true. Valerie played pretend with her siblings. Now, she lights up the big screen. She shows us that hard work and imagination can make our wildest dreams come true. Like Valerie, you also hold special stories inside of you that are waiting to be told.

You may dream of being an astronaut, an artist, or an actor like Valerie. Remember to always believe in yourself. Let’s keep dreaming big, learning new things, and being kind to everyone we meet, like Valerie does. One day, your dreams will come true too!


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