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Marabeth Hough

Marabeth Hough born on 1980. Is not your average celebrity sibling. While her brother and sister, Derek and Julianne Hough, have made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry, Marabeth has carved out her path as a successful singer-songwriter, realtor, and certified holistic fitness coach. She is net worth (approx.) $2 million.

At 44 years old, she continues to make waves in her fields while staying grounded and close to her family. Despite not being in the spotlight as much as her siblings, Marabeth has still managed to amass an impressive net worth and following. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 55 kilograms.


Marabeth Hough
Famous As
Singer, Songwriter, Health Coach, Realtor
 55 kg
 Date of Birth
 Age (as 0f 2024)
44 Years Old
Birth Sign
Net worth (approx.)

Who is Marabeth Hough?

Marabeth Hough is a talented lady who loves to sing, write songs, and help people stay fit and healthy. She’s also good at helping people find their dream homes because she’s a realtor. Marabeth is part of a big and loving family. She has a brother named Derek and a sister named Julianne, who are both famous for dancing and singing.

Marabeth is like a superhero who can do many things! She uses her powers to make music, keep people healthy, and find beautiful homes for them. She’s very busy but always has time for her family and making her dreams come true.

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Early Life and Education

Marabeth Hough grew up in a family full of love for music and dance. Like you, she enjoyed singing and dancing around the house as a little girl. Marabeth and her siblings, Derek and Julianne, would put on shows for their family, pretending they were already famous. Going to school, Marabeth liked learning about many things, but she loved art and music classes the most. She always participated in school plays and music contests, which made her very happy.

Marabeth worked hard in school because she knew she needed to learn a lot to achieve her dreams. Her family always encouraged her to do her best, and they were very proud. Just imagine she would rush home every day after school to write songs or practice singing. She believed in her dreams, and that’s how her exciting journey began.

Parents and Siblings

Marabeth Hough has a big, happy family filled with love and talent. Her parents, Marianne and Bruce, are amazing people who always support their kids in following their dreams. Marabeth is not the only child; she has three siblings . Sharee, Derek, and Julianne. Imagine having a house full of brothers and sisters to play with daily! Derek and Julianne are famous for dancing and singing, just like Marabeth.

They all share a love for music and dance, which makes their family very special. Growing up, Marabeth and her siblings had much fun together, creating wonderful memories. They are a team, cheering each other on in whatever they do.

Husband and Boyfriend

Marabeth Hough has a special person in her life: her husband. They met, fell in love, and decided to be together forever. Her husband is not only her partner but also her best friend. They love to do fun things together, like going on adventures, cooking, and listening to music.

Like in fairy tales, they had a beautiful wedding where Marabeth looked like a princess. They share many happy moments, supporting and caring for each other daily. They’re in a team where both are always there to cheer and help each other, making their life full of joy and love.

Marabeth Hough


Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance

Marabeth Hough is a grown-up who’s 44 years old, which means she’s lived for 35 years full of adventures, music, and lots of fun! When you look at her, you’ll notice she has a smile that lights up the room, just like a fairy tale princess. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 55 kilograms.

Marabeth is tall, like some of the characters in your favorite stories, standing at a height that makes her look elegant and strong. She has a way of carrying herself that shows she’s healthy and happy, thanks to her love for staying active and eating yummy, good-for-you foods.

Her hair is as shiny as the sun, and her eyes sparkle with kindness, making everyone around her feel warm and welcome. Marabeth’s appearance is just like her personality – bright, beautiful, and full of life!

Before Fame

Marabeth Hough became the amazing singer, realtor, and fitness coach we know today, she was a little girl with big dreams. Imagine a young Marabeth, with a sparkle in her eyes, singing into a hairbrush microphone in her bedroom. She didn’t have fancy stages or big audiences, just her family and friends cheering her on. Marabeth loved music and dancing just as much as playing outside and reading fairy tales.

Every day after school, she would rush home, not to watch TV, but to create songs and practice dance moves. She believed that if she worked hard and stayed true to her dreams, they would someday come true. And guess what? They did! But back then, she was just a girl with a heart full of songs, dancing through life, one step at a time.


Marabeth Hough is like a superhero who has more than one power. She can make beautiful music that makes people feel happy inside. She writes her songs and creates her own musical stories, which is cool. Besides music, Marabeth also helps people find their dream houses. Imagine if you had a friend who could help you find the perfect treehouse  that’s what she does, but for real houses.

Plus, she’s also like a health magician. She teaches people how to stay fit and healthy in fun ways, like doing yoga or dancing around. She combines her love for music and dance to help others feel great. So, Marabeth does many different jobs, and she loves them all because she gets to use her talents to make others happy.

Net Worth and Achievements

Marabeth Hough has a treasure chest, not of gold coins, but of many achievements that sparkle just as brightly. Imagine earning a trophy for being good at something you love; that’s what Marabeth has done. She’s been recognized for her amazing singing, helping people find their dream homes, and teaching them how to be healthy and strong. She is net worth (approx.) $2 million.

Though we don’t know how many treasures are in her chest, she’s done well for herself, like finding a big, shiny diamond. Just like when you save up your allowance for something special, Marabeth has worked hard and saved, making her treasure chest grow. She shows us that with hard work and love for your work, you can achieve your dreams and get some shiny trophies along the way!

Future Plains

Marabeth Hough has big dreams for the future, just like when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up. She wants to keep making music that people love because sharing songs is like sharing a piece of her heart. Marabeth also plans to help even more people find their dream homes, ensuring they have a perfect place to make happy memories.

And she wants to teach more people about staying healthy and strong with fun exercises and yummy foods. Like you have a wish list of fun things you want to do, Marabeth has her list for the future, filled with more music, homes, and health magic.

Marabeth Hough


Social Media Presence

Marabeth Hough loves to share little pieces of her life with everyone on the internet! Like how you might show your friends a drawing you made, Marabeth uses social media to show what she’s up to. She posts pictures of her singing, her adventures, and sometimes even what she eats! Imagine being able to share your happiest moments with people all around the world. That’s what Marabeth does.

She also loves to post about staying healthy and happy. So, if you ever want to see what a day in Marabeth’s life looks like or get some cool tips on fun exercises, you can check out her social media pages. It’s like having a friend who always has something fun to share!


Singing to the stars: Just like a nightingale, Marabeth loves to sing her heart out under the open sky, filling the air with beautiful music. 

Dancing in the rain: Imagine spinning and twirling outside when it rains, making the water droplets part of a dance. That’s something Marabeth enjoys.

Painting dreams: With colorful paints and a blank canvas, Marabeth creates pictures of her dreams and memories, bringing them to life.

Exploring nature: She goes on adventures in forests and parks, discovering the secrets of the outdoors and making friends with the animals and birds.

Cooking magic: In the kitchen, Marabeth mixes ingredients like a wizard, cooking delicious meals and treats that are both yummy and healthy.

Reading fairy tales: Marabeth loves to curl up with a good book, diving into stories of magic, adventure, and faraway lands, reminding her to dream big.

Favourite Things

Singing Loudly: Marabeth loves to fill the air with her beautiful voice, just like a bird singing in the morning.

Dancing Freely: She enjoys moving to the rhythm of music, letting every dance step tell a story.

Drawing and Painting: Marabeth creates magical worlds on paper with colorful pencils and paints, sharing her dreams and adventures.

Adventuring Outdoors: She finds joy in exploring the wonders of nature, from tall mountains to deep blue seas.

Cooking Yummy Food: In her kitchen, Marabeth mixes ingredients to make tasty treats that are as healthy as they are delicious.

Reading Books: She dives into stories of enchantment and courage, where heroes go on epic quests and discover new worlds.

Playing with Pets: Marabeth loves spending time with furry friends, sharing cuddles and playful moments.

Interesting Facts About

  • Maribeth loves to sing on stage and in the shower! It’s her secret concert place where the shampoo bottles are her audience.
  • She once built a tiny house for her pet hamster, complete with a mini kitchen and living room, showing she’s good at creating cosy spaces, not just for people.
  • Marabeth has a magic garden where she grows her fruits and veggies. She says talking to plants makes them grow happier and tastier.
  • She’s an expert at finding four-leaf clovers in the park. Marabeth believes they bring extra luck to her music and adventures.
  • Once, Marabeth made up her language, which only she and her best friend could understand. They even wrote songs in it.
  • She loves to make her jewellery out of things she finds in nature, like colorful stones and feathers, making every piece a treasure from her adventures.


Can Marabeth teach me to sing?

Yes, she loves singing and might give you tips on how to sing from your heart.

Does Marabeth have a favorite song?

While she hasn’t told us her favorite, she enjoys songs that make her happy and want to dance.

What’s the coolest house Marabeth has found for someone?

She keeps that a secret, but imagine a house with secret passages and a big garden.

Can Marabeth do a cartwheel?

With her love for staying active, she probably can. Maybe she’ll show us one day.

Does Marabeth have a pet?

Yes, and she loves animals! She might even have a magical garden for them to play in. 


Marabeth Hough, we discovered she’s like a real-life superhero! She sings, dances, helps people find homes, and teaches them how to be healthy. Marabeth shows us that following your dreams, like she does, can lead to doing things you love and making others happy, too.

She reminds us to keep dreaming big, stay curious, and share our talents with the world. Like Marabeth, you can make your dreams come true with hard work and a big heart. Remember, every day is a chance to sing and dance your song, just like Marabeth Hough does!


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