Andrew Santino Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Andrew Santino

Andrew Santino is a well-known American comedian, actor, and podcaster who has made audiences laugh since the early 2000s. Born on October 16, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois, Andrew has gained popularity for his sharp wit and hilarious stand-up routines. He is net worth (approx.)$ 4 million.

With a stunning appearance, standing at 6 feet 1 inches and weighing 58 kilograms. He has also made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, appearing on TV shows and movies. While Andrew’s career has been thriving, he also values his personal life and keeps it away from the public eye.


Name:                                             Andrew Santino

Date of birth:                                      October 16, 1983
Age (as of 2024):                             41 years old
Nationality:                                       American
Gender:                                                 Male
Net worth(approx):                         $4 million
Birth Place :                                          USA
Profession;                                              actors

Who is Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino is a very funny person who makes many people laugh. He was born in a big city called Chicago and has loved making jokes since he was young. Andrew is not just a comedian but also an actor, which means he pretends to be different characters on TV shows and in movies. He has been on a show called “I’m Dying Up Here” and was in a movie named.

People enjoy watching him because he is so good at making them smile and laugh. Andrew likes to keep his life away from cameras when he is not performing, so he doesn’t talk much about his family or friends to the public. He loves to make people happy with his jokes and acting.

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Andrew Santino Early Life and Education

Andrew Santino grew up in a place called Chicago, which is a very big city with lots of people and tall buildings. Andrew liked to make his friends and family laugh when he was a little boy, not much older than you. He would tell jokes and make funny faces, and everyone thought he was very funny. Andrew went to school just like you, where he learned to read, write, and do math.

But his favorite part of school was always when he could be funny and make people smile. As he grew, he learned he could be on stage or in front of a camera to share his jokes with even more people. Andrew loved learning and laughing, and he worked hard at both. That’s how he started on his path to becoming the comedian and actor he is today.

Andrew Santino Parents and Siblings

Andrew Santino grew up with a loving family in Chicago. He has yet to share much about his mom and dad or if he has brothers or sisters. Andrew likes to keep these details private, so he doesn’t only talk about them often in interviews or on social media. This helps him protect the privacy of his family members.

Even though we don’t know their names or what they look like, it’s clear that Andrew’s family must be very supportive of him and proud of all the funny jokes he tells and the characters he plays on TV and in movies.

Andrew Santino Wife And Girlfriend

Andrew Santino likes to keep his personal life just for himself and those close to him. This means he only talks a little about who he might be dating or if he is married. For example, when you have a secret you only share with your best friend, Andrew feels his relationships are special and not something everyone needs to know about.

So, even though people are very curious, Andrew prefers to make people laugh with his jokes and act in movies and TV shows rather than share details about his love life. It’s like he has a mystery box that only he knows the key to, keeping his relationships private while sharing his comedy and acting with the world.

Andrew Santino


Andrew Santino Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance

Andrew Santino is a grown-up who was born a long time ago, in 16 October 1983 at just 41 years old, which makes him quite a bit older than you! Imagine all the birthdays he’s had with cakes and candles! He’s also pretty tall, standing about 6 feet 1 inch like a tree. That’s taller than most people you see walking around! Andrew takes good care of himself so he looks strong and healthy.

With a stunning appearance, standing at 6 feet 1 inches and weighing 58 kilograms. He has red hair that makes him stand out in a crowd and a smile that can light up a room. When you see him, you might think he’s just like any other person, but his height and bright hair color make him special. Andrew doesn’t talk much about how much he weighs because he likes to keep some things private, just like the surprise inside a wrapped present.

Andrew Santino Before Fame

Andrew Santino became a famous comedian and actor, he was just a regular kid growing up in Chicago. Even as a young boy, Andrew loved making people laugh. He would tell jokes at school, home, and even when hanging out with his friends. This love for comedy was like a tiny seed planted inside him. Like how a plant grows from seed with water and sunlight, Andrew’s passion for making people laugh grew bigger as he got older.

He didn’t become famous overnight; it took a lot of practice and hard work. Andrew spent many days dreaming about standing on a stage, telling jokes, and making a room full of people chuckle and giggle. Before everyone knew him, Andrew was just a boy with a big dream and an even bigger sense of humor.

Andrew Santino


Andrew Santino Career

Andrew Santino has a cool job where he makes people laugh for a living! He tells jokes and acts in TV shows and movies. Imagine playing pretend for your job; that’s what Andrew does when he acts. He has been on a show called “I’m Dying Up Here,” where he pretends to be a comedian for long.

Andrew also got to be in a movie named “The Disaster Artist,” where he played another funny character. Plus, he talks to people on his podcast, like having his radio show where he can chat about anything he finds interesting. Andrew worked hard and practiced a lot to make so many people happy with his jokes and stories.

Net Worth and Achievements

Andrew Santino has worked hard in his cool job as a comedian and actor, and guess what? This hard work has helped him earn lots of money! People say he has a net worth, like a big piggy bank, of around $5 million. Imagine all the toys and candies you could buy with that. 

He has a big piggy bank, and Andrew has earned trophies and lots of claps for being super funny and good at acting. He’s been on TV and in movies, making many people laugh and smile. Even though Andrew likes to keep some things secret, it’s no secret that he’s done some amazing things in his career!

Future Plains

Andrew Santino has big dreams for the future, like a superhero planning his next adventure. He wants to keep making people laugh with his jokes and star in more movies and TV shows. Think of him as a magician, ready to pull a new trick out of his hat.

Andrew also hopes to meet more fans and make them smile because making people happy is what he loves most. Plus, he might travel to new places and share his funny stories with even more friends worldwide. Andrew’s future looks as bright and colorful as a rainbow after a rainy day!

Social Media Presence

Andrew Santino is like a treasure hunter, but instead of looking for gold, he shares smiles and laughter on the internet! He uses websites and apps where people can watch videos, see pictures, and read stories. Imagine a magical book that lets you talk to people far away; that’s what Andrew does with his social media.

He posts funny jokes, silly faces, and sometimes behind-the-scenes peeks from his shows and movies. This way, even at home, you can see what Andrew is up to and leave a smiley face or a laugh as a comment. It’s like having a friend who’s always ready to share a laugh, even if they’re not in the same room!


Playing basketball: Andrew loves to bounce the ball and shoot hoops. It’s fun and helps him stay active! 

Listening to music: Just like you might have a favorite song, Andrew enjoys listening to music to relax and have a good time. 

Cooking: Andrew likes to mix ingredients and create yummy dishes. It’s like being a food scientist in the kitchen!

Hiking: Walking on trails and exploring nature makes Andrew happy. He gets to see trees, birds, and maybe even some squirrels! These hobbies help Andrew have fun and enjoy his time when he’s not working.

Favorite Things

Comedy Movies: He loves watching funny movies that make him laugh out loud, just like when you watch cartoons and can’t stop giggling.

Chicago Pizza : Andrew comes from Chicago and loves eating Chicago-style pizza. It’s deep and filled with yummy toppings, like a pizza cake!

Red Sneakers: He has a thing for shoes, especially red sneakers. They’re bright and cool, just like a superhero’s boots!

Guitar Playing: Sometimes, Andrew enjoys playing the guitar. It’s like he’s telling stories with musical notes instead of words.

Sunsets: Watching the sun go down makes Andrew happy. It’s like the sky is painting a beautiful picture just for him. 

Interesting Facts About

  • Andrew has a funny way of laughing that makes other people laugh, too, like when you hear someone giggle and can’t help but giggle yourself.
  • He used to work jobs like at a bank before he became famous for making jokes, showing that sometimes you start in one place and end up in another, just like in a game of tag.
  • Andrew is afraid of spiders! Even though he’s big and tall, tiny spiders can still make him jump, just like in a spooky story. 
  • He loves hot sauce on almost everything he eats. Imagine your favorite snack with a spicy twist that makes you go, “Wow!” 
  • Andrew is good at drawing. He can create cool pictures, almost like magic, with a pencil.


How did Andrew start being funny?

Andrew always loved to make people laugh, even when he was just a kid, like you! He would tell jokes and make funny faces to see smiles on everyone’s faces.

Does Andrew have any pets?

Andrew doesn’t talk much about his personal life, but we don’t know if he has pets. But imagine if he had a funny dog that could do tricks!

What’s Andrew’s favorite joke?

Andrew has so many jokes, it’s hard to pick just one! But he loves jokes that make everyone laugh, from little kids to grown-ups.

Can Andrew play any instruments?

Yes! Andrew can play the guitar. He enjoys making music just as much as he enjoys telling jokes. Remember, Andrew likes to keep some things a secret, so only some things are shared, but it’s fun to learn what we can!


 Andrew Santino also an actor who loves to share laughs and joy with everyone. Even though Andrew keeps some parts of his life like a hidden treasure, we’ve discovered his love for comedy, acting, and making people happy shines bright like a big, shiny star. He’s like a humor superhero, spreading giggles and grins wherever he goes.

Remember, Andrew’s journey teaches us to follow our dreams, keep smiling, and sprinkle laughter in everything we do. Let’s carry Andrew’s spirit of joy and fun with us daily, making the world happier, one laugh at a time!


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