Griffin Cleverly Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Griffin Cleverly

Griffin Cleverly born on 23 January 1992, just 32 years old. Is a well-known celebrity husband and mechanical engineer who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He rose to fame as the husband of actress Bridget Mender, known for her roles on various Disney Channel shows. Griffin and Bridget have been married since 2019 and have captured the hearts of many with their sweet love story. He is net worth (approx.) $2.5 million.

With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing 70 kilograms. Apart from being a supportive husband, Griffin has a successful career as a mechanical engineer. He has worked on various projects and has proven to be an expert in his field.


Griffin Cleverly
Date of Birth:
January 23, 1992
Age(as of 2024):
32 Years Old
1 hundred thousand
Place of birth:
Reston, Va.
Net Worth (approx.):
$2.5 million 
Marital status:

Who is Griffin Cleverly?

Griffin Cleverly is an intelligent man who works with machines and designs. He’s not just good at his job but also famous because he is married to a star! His wife, Bridget Mender, acted in shows many kids love, such as “Good Luck Charlie.” Griffin and Brigit married in 2019, and people like their love story.

Even though Griffin is known because of his famous wife, he’s also super good at his engineering work. Imagine being able to fix and create big machines; that’s what Griffin does! He uses his brain to solve puzzles and build things that help people.

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Early Life and Education

Griffin Cleverly grew up like many other kids, curious and full of wonder. He was always asking questions and trying to figure out how things worked. When he was little, he loved playing with building blocks and creating new things from his imagination. This love for building and creating followed him as he got older. Griffin went to school just like you and me.

He worked very hard in all his subjects, but he found that he loved math and science. These subjects are like giant puzzles waiting to be solved, and Griffin was good at solving them! So, after he finished high school, Griffin decided to go to college to learn more about designing and building things. He studied to become a mechanical engineer and learned how to make all kinds of cool gadgets and machines.

Griffin Cleverly

Parents and Siblings

Griffin Cleverly comes from a family where love and support are super important. Imagine having a team at home who cheers for you in everything you do, from playing sports to building cool stuff with blocks. That’s what Griffin’s family is like! His parents constantly encourage him to ask questions and learn how things work. This helped Griffin become the brilliant engineer he is today.

He also has siblings—think of them as his very first friends and team members. They would play, share secrets, and sometimes even get into mischief. Griffin’s family taught him about working together and caring for each other, which are important lessons. Like in a soccer team where everyone plays a part, Griffin’s family showed him that every family member is essential.

Griffin Cleverly Wife And Girlfriend

Griffin Cleverly is married to Bridget Meddler, a shining star you might have seen on TV. Bridget has been in shows that probably made you laugh and smile, like “Good Luck Charlie.” Imagine someone from your favorite TV show; that’s how excellent Griffin’s wife is! They married in 2019, meaning they promised to be best friends forever.

Bridget and Griffin like to spend time together, sharing stories and making each other happy. For example, Griffin and Bridget share their dreams and adventures. When you have a best friend, you share your toys. They show us how wonderful it is to have someone special to share life with.

Griffin Cleverly Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance

Griffin Cleverly born on 23 January 1992, just 32 years old. She is a grown-up, but he’s not super old! Imagine someone older than your parents but still loves having fun and doing extraordinary things. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing 70 kilograms.

We don’t know exactly how tall Griffin is, but picture him like a basketball player  pretty tall, but not so tall that he bumps his head on door frames. He’s also not too heavy or light; he’s just suitable for someone who loves to go on adventures and play sports.

Griffin has hair and eyes like many people, but his big smile makes him stand out. Whenever you see a picture of him, he’s smiling massive, like he’s super happy to be wherever he is, doing whatever he’s doing. It’s like his smile is saying, “I’m glad to be here!” And that’s pretty cool.

Griffin Cleverly Before Fame

Griffin Cleverly became known as an intelligent engineer and a celebrity husband, he was just like any kid with dreams and curiosity. He became out famous with only some of the answers to building things. No, Griffin was once a kid who loved to explore, ask questions, and play. He was fascinated by how things worked, like the toys he played with or the gadgets around the house.

This curiosity led him to learn more and more, especially about science and math. Imagine loving puzzles so much that you want to make solving them your job when you grow up! That’s what Griffin did. He took his love for figuring things out and turned it into a career in engineering. Before all the cameras and attending fancy events, Griffin was studying hard and preparing for a big engineering adventure.

Griffin Cleverly Career

Griffin Cleverly is like a superhero of machines. He went to school to learn all about being a mechanical engineer. What does that mean? Griffin gets to play with big puzzles every day, but these are common. They’re puzzles that can help make cars run smoother; airplanes fly higher, and even machines that can do cool stuff like make your favorite snacks.

His job is to think, create, and solve problems to make these machines better. Imagine having a giant LEGO set and using it to help people worldwide. That’s what Griffin does with his engineering skills. He uses his super-smart brain to build and fix things, making him a real-life hero in the world of engineering.

Griffin Cleverly Net Worth and Achievements

Griffin Cleverly is like a treasure hunter, but instead of looking for gold, he finds ways to make machines work better. This has helped him earn a lot of gold coins! People think he has many gold coins because he is so good at his job. But Griffin doesn’t just keep these gold coins for toys or candy and uses them to help make the world a better place. He is net worth (approx.) $2.5 million.

He has also won awards, like gold stars on your chart, for being super good at engineering. Imagine getting a gold star every time you do something unique with building blocks. That’s what Griffin receives for his big, important projects with machines. 

Griffin Cleverly Future Plains

Griffin Cleverly is doing now but with his big engineering brain instead of crayons. He’s planning to make even more excellent machines and gadgets that could do amazing things, like a robot that can clean your room for you or a car that flies high in the sky.

Griffin also wants to use his intelligence skills to help the planet, ensuring we all have clean air and beautiful parks to play in. When you think about what you want to be growing up, Griffin always dreams up new ideas to make the future brighter and more fun for everyone.


Griffin Cleverly

Social Media Presence

Griffin Cleverly might be busy fixing machines and spending time with his star wife, Bridget Mender, but he also likes to share parts of his life online! Imagine showing your friends pictures of your most incredible LEGO builds or your fun day at the park. That’s what Griffin does, but on websites where lots of people can see, like Instagram. He doesn’t post every day because he often works on his cool engineering projects or adventures with Bridget.

But when he does share, it’s like getting a sneak peek into his exciting life. It’s fun to see what he’s up to, especially when he’s out exploring or supporting Bridget in her acting. Remember, as Griffin shows us through his posts, being kind and respectful online is always important.


  • Griffin loves to tinker with gadgets. Imagine having a toy that’s a bit broken and finding a way to make it work again. That’s what Griffin enjoys doing in his free time. 
  • He also likes spending time outdoors. Think of a sunny day at the park, running around or exploring nature. Griffin finds this fun and relaxing.
  • Building things is another hobby of his. It is not just big machines but small projects, like model airplanes or cool cars, that you can put together piece by piece. 
  • Griffin enjoys reading books about adventures and science. Picture sitting with a book that takes you to faraway places or teaches you how things work. That’s a perfect day for him.
  • Lastly, he loves music and sometimes tries to play instruments. Imagine trying to play the guitar or piano, making up your songs.

Favorite Things

  • Griffin loves to watch the stars at night. Imagine looking up at the sky and seeing all the twinkly lights. It’s like a big, beautiful blanket covering the earth.
  • His favorite food is pizza with lots of cheese. Picture a yummy slice with cheese stretching as you take a bite. It’s so tasty.
  • Griffin enjoys riding his bike in the park. Think about pedaling fast, feeling the wind in your hair, and seeing all the trees and flowers zoom by. 
  • He has a favorite color: blue. It reminds him of the ocean and the sky. Blue is everywhere, like in his favorite shirt or a giant balloon.
  • Griffin loves watching superhero movies. Imagine heroes flying and saving the day. He thinks it’s super cool and exciting.
  • Playing with his dog is one of his best times. Picture running around with a furry friend, throwing a ball, and getting happy barks in return.
  • Lastly, Griffin likes building sandcastles at the beach. Imagine using a shovel and bucket to create a castle, adding towers and walls. 

Interesting Facts About

  • Griffin loves to solve big puzzles, not just with blocks but with machines! Imagine being a detective, but for figuring out how things work.
  • He met Bridget Mender and his wife, who love to go on adventures together. Think of them like two explorers finding new places.
  • Griffin went to school to learn about engineering, which means he knows how to make cool gadgets and things that move.
  • Even though he’s busy, Griffin likes to share fun pictures online. It’s like showing your friends your favorite drawings.
  • He has a big smile that shows he’s happy to be doing what he loves. Picture smiling big when you’re having the best time playing.
  • Griffin and Bridget got married in 2019, like having a big party with your best friend to promise you’ll always be there for each other.


Who is Griffin Cleverly?

Griffin is brilliant and knows a lot about machines and engineering. Plus, he’s married to Bridget Mender, who you might know from TV.

What does Griffin do as a job?

He works with big and small puzzles but in the form of machines. He helps fix them and make them better, like a machine doctor.

How did Griffin and Bridget meet?

They met and found out they both love adventures. It’s like when you meet a new friend at the park who likes the same games as you.

Does Griffin like sharing things on the internet?

Yes, but not all the time. When he does, it’s like showing your friends your best LEGO build or a cool drawing you made.


Griffin Cleverly is a fascinating guy who loves to work with machines and spend time with his family and friends. He’s super bright, especially when building and fixing things. Plus, he has a great adventure partner, his wife Bridget Mender, who is a TV star! Griffin shows us that learning about how things work and sharing your adventures with others is astonishing.

Whether solving a tricky machine puzzle or having fun outdoors, Griffin reminds us that curiosity, kindness, and creativity are superpowers everyone can have. And remember, always keep smiling and exploring, just like Griffin does.


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