Alexis Breeze Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Alexis Breeze

Alexis Breeze was born on March 7, 1986, in Santa Monica, California. She made a name for herself in film. She did it through her captivating performances in videos and web scenes. Her career has spanned several years. She has gained a huge fan following and continues to impress her audience. She is net worth(approx.) $230K USD.

With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 4 inches and weighing 57 kilograms. In this post, we’ll explore Alexis Breeze’s age, career, family, net worth, and height. We will also cover other interesting facts about her. So, let’s take a closer look at this rising star’s life and see what makes her stand out in the entertainment world.


Alexis Breeze
Actress & Model
Italian, Mexican, American
Caucasian, Latin, Native American
Years Active
2003 – 2016
Net Worth (approx.)
230K USD

Who is Alexis Breeze?

Alexis Breeze

Alexis Breeze is like a bright star in the movie world, lighting up the screen with her acting. Think of her as a hero in your favorite storybook. She plays different roles and brings characters to life. She began her adventure in films not too long ago, but has already become a favorite for many people. Alexis loves to act.

She pretends to be someone else and shares exciting stories through videos. Every time she performs, it’s like she invites us into a magical world, full of surprises and fun. like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, Alexis surprises and delights her fans with every role she takes on.

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Alexis Breeze Real Name

Alexis Breeze is not the real name of the actress we’re talking about. She uses it for her work in movies and on the internet. Like when you play games and pick a fun character name, Alexis chose a special name for her job. Her real name is different. She keeps it private, like a secret with her family.

Many actors have two names. Everyone knows them by the first one when they’re acting. The second one is their very own, given to them at birth. So, Alexis Breeze is like her superhero name in the world of movies!

Alexis Breeze Early Life and Education

Alexis Breeze grew up in Santa Monica, California. The sun shines bright. The beaches are stunning. As a girl, Alexis loved make-believe. She pretended she was in movies and put on shows for her family. School was a place where Alexis liked to learn new things. She was curious about everything and loved reading books.

We don’t know her school’s name. But, we imagine it was a fun place to learn. There, Alexis made many friends. She had subjects where her creativity flourished, art and music among them. Growing up in California gave Alexis lots of chances to dream big about what she wanted to be.

Personal Life

Nick Name / Stage Name
Akhila Bimala
Alexis Ramirez
Born (Date of Birth)
7 March 1986
Age (as 2024)
38 Years
Santa Monica, California, United States
Zodiac Sign

Alexis Breeze Parents and Siblings

Alexis Breeze grew up in a loving home with her family in sunny Santa Monica. She’s got a mom and dad who always cheered her on, making her feel like she could reach for the stars. Alexis isn’t the only kid in her family; she’s got brothers and sisters too! They had lots of fun together. They played games and went to the park.

Sometimes, they put on little plays in their living room. They exchanged abundant laughter, occasional disputes, and immense affection in their family. Alexis’s family was her first audience. They were her biggest fans, always there to support her dreams from the start.

Alexis Breeze Husband and Boyfriend

Alexis Breeze likes to keep her heart matters secret. It’s like a hidden treasure map. You might have a best friend in school that you share secrets with. Alexis might also have someone special, but she chooses to keep it to herself. Imagine if you had a diary where you wrote about your crushes. But, you didn’t want anyone else to read it.

That’s what Alexis is doing. She withholds information about her partner, considering it a private matter. Respecting people’s privacy is important. You wouldn’t want someone peeking into your secret diary!

Alexis Breeze Age, weight, height, and physical appearance

163 cm
1.63 m
5 feet 4 in
57 KG
125 lbs (pounds)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Figure Size
Dress Size
38 (EU)

Alexis Breeze is a young star who turned 38 years old. She is a shining star who celebrated her 38th birthday this year, as she was born on a sunny day in 1986. When she stands up tall, she’s like a tower made of blocks, reaching about as high as 5 feet and 4 inches  and weight 57 kg into the sky! She’s not too heavy or too light, perfect, like a feather floating in the breeze.

Her hair is like long, dark ribbons that dance when the wind blows, and her eyes sparkle like the stars at night. When you see her, you’d think she’s like a superhero from a story. She’s ready to save the day with her smile and dazzling look.

Before Fame

Alexis Breeze became a star in movies long after she was a little girl in Santa Monica. Picture this: a young Alexis playing in her backyard, pretending she was in her own movie. She loved to dress up in costumes. She also loved to act out different roles. These ranged from brave princesses to daring adventurers.

Every tree was a castle, every sandbox a desert island. Her imagination was like a superpower, taking her to places far and wide, all while staying in her own home. She didn’t know it yet. But, these childhood games were her first steps to becoming the actress she’s today. Isn’t it amazing how playing pretend can turn into real-life magic.


Alexis Breeze started her adventure in movies when she was a bit older than a kid. Think of it like when you join a new class and start learning all sorts of cool stuff. She began by acting in short videos, kind of like the ones you might watch on the internet but for grown-ups. She’s played many characters. She’s pretended to be someone else in each video.

It was a bit like playing dress-up or make-believe. Regular acting practice enabled her to develop great performance skills. It’s like mastering games or sports through frequent play. Alexis Breeze worked hard. She’s shown her bright smile and shared her talent. She’s made lots of people happy with her performances.

Net Worth and Achievements

Alexis Breeze has collected a treasure chest of achievements. It’s like a pirate in her adventures! She’s worked hard in movies, like a superhero. This has helped her earn a lot of gold coins. Imagine having a piggy bank that’s almost as tall as you; that’s how Alexis might feel with her success.

She is net worth(approx.) $230K USD. People believe that her treasure chest, or net worth, holds a lot of money, but only she knows the exact amount. Besides money, her biggest win is making so many fans happy with her acting. It’s like when you share your toys and make a friend smile; that feeling is a big achievement too!

Future Plains

In tomorrow’s land, dreams soar like kites; Alexis Breeze crafts bold expeditions. Imagine a place where the sun always shines, and the clouds are fluffy like cotton candy. That’s where Alexis wants to take us next with her movies. She dreams of telling stories that make us laugh, jump with joy, and even learn a little something new.

As you build a castle with blocks, Alexis is building her future piece by piece. She uses bright ideas and stories full of wonder. So, keep your eyes open and your imagination ready. Alexis Breeze’s journey into the future is starting. It’s going to be full of magic and fun!

Social Media Presence

In the big, wide world of the internet, Alexis Breeze is like a bright star in the night sky on social media. She shares little peeks of her life, like when you show your friends a cool drawing you’ve made. Imagine a digital photo album. Alexis Breeze posts pictures and stories, like how you share moments with your family.

Alexis Breeze waves hello to her fans on places like Instagram and Twitter. She shares smiles and updates. It’s like she’s sending friendly messages in a bottle across the internet sea. It’s her way of saying, “Hi there!” to everyone who likes watching her movies and wants to know about her adventures.


  •  Alexis loves to explore the outdoors. She enjoys walking in the park, feeling the warm sun, and seeing all the colorful flowers and trees.
  • She likes to paint pictures, using lots of bright colors to create beautiful scenes. Sometimes she paints the beach, other times it’s a big, magical forest.
  • Alexis is a fan of reading books. She dives into stories about faraway lands, daring heroes, and amazing adventures. It’s like going on a treasure hunt with every page she turns.
  • Cooking yummy treats is another hobby of hers. She has fun mixing ingredients. It’s like a wizard making potions. She does it to make delicious cookies and cakes.
  • Playing with her pets is something Alexis adores. She has a fluffy dog and a playful cat. They run around, play fetch, and cuddle together, filling her home with joy and laughter.

Favorite Thing

Ocean Waves: Alexis loves to sit by the ocean and listen to the waves. She says it’s like music to her ears and makes her feel happy and calm.

Star Gazing: On clear nights, Alexis enjoys looking up at the stars. She imagines all the different galaxies and adventures waiting out there in space.

Chocolate Ice Cream: A big bowl of chocolate ice cream is Alexis’s go-to treat. She thinks it’s the yummiest thing in the world, especially with sprinkles on top!

Sunny Days: Bright, sunny days are Alexis’s favorite kind of day. She loves when the sun shines and fills the sky with light, making everything look sparkly and new.

Interesting Facts About

  • Alexis has a hidden talent for singing. She can hit high notes like a songbird in the morning.
  • She once met a famous movie star while walking her fluffy dog in the park. They even took a photo together!
  • Alexis loves to collect stickers from all around the world. She has a big book where she sticks them in neat rows. She masters the skipping rope with effortless ease. Alexis can skip over 100 times without stopping, hopping like a bunny.
  • On her birthday, she wishes on a shooting star. Alexis believes it makes her dreams come true.
  • She has a secret recipe for making the best lemonade. It’s a mix of sunshine, smiles, and a special secret ingredient.
  • Alexis once built a huge sandcastle on the beach that looked like a fairy-tale palace. It had towers, gates, and even a moat.


How old is Alexis Breeze?

Alexis turned 37 years old this year since she was born in 1986.

Does Alexis have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, she grew up with siblings and they loved playing together.

What does Alexis like to do for fun?

She enjoys painting, reading, cooking, dancing, and playing with her pets.

What’s Alexis’s favorite ice cream?

Her favorite is chocolate ice cream with sprinkles on top.

Can Alexis sing?

She possesses a unique voice that resonates with emotional depth.

Has Alexis met a famous movie star?

Indeed, she once took a photo with a famous star while walking her dog.


Wrapping up, Alexis Breeze’s story is like a big, beautiful book. It’s filled with many wonderful chapters about her life. She started in sunny California. Now, she’s a bright star in movies. Alexis shows us that with imagination and hard work, dreams can come true.

She loves to share her world with us, from hobbies that make her smile to the little secrets that make her special. Alexis reminds us to keep dreaming, laughing, and reaching for the stars. And who knows. One day, we’ll find our own adventures, like Alexis, that are full of magic and fun!


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