Alice Redlips Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024. 

Alice Redlips

Alice Redlips born on March 14, 1997, a young and talented actress from the Czech Republic, has taken the entertainment industry by storm since her debut in 2020. At only 27 years old, she has made a name for herself with her mesmerizing performances and stunning beauty. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 55 kilograms.

She is net worth (approx.) $113,000. But there’s more to this rising star than meets the eye. From her family background to her net worth and height, let’s dive into all the fascinating details of Alice Redlips’ life in this blog post. Even children aged 7 can quickly learn about this budding celebrity and her journey to success.

Attribute Details
Alice Redlips
Actress & Model
Czech, British
Years Active
2020 – Present
Nick Name / Stage Name
Alice Red Lips
Born (Date of Birth)
March 14, 1997
Age (as of 2024)
27 Years
Prague, Czech Republic

Who is Alice Redlips?

Alice Redlips is a shining star from a place called the Czech Republic. Imagine a girl who loves to act and model, just like when you play pretend, but for her, it’s on big screens and photos! She was born when the calendar said 14 March 1997, and ever since she was little, she dreamed of being in movies and on posters.

In 2020, when she was as old as your big brother or sister might be, she started showing everyone her talent in acting and modeling. People everywhere began to notice her because she was good at pretending to be different characters and looking fabulous. She is like a superhero of acting and modeling, showing everyone that you can turn your dreams into reality with hard work.

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Alice Redlips Early Life and Education

Alice Redlips grew up in the beautiful city of Prague, in a country called the Czech Republic. Imagine living in a place full of castles and stories; that’s where Alice’s adventure began. As a little girl, she loved to play and pretend she was in her fairy tales, which made her dream of becoming an actress. Alice went to school just like you, where she learned to read, write, and do everything kids do.

She also joined drama clubs, which are like after-school playgroups but for acting. This helped her act out stories and become different characters, just like in the games you play with friends. Alice loved learning and knew that to follow her dreams; she had to work hard both in and out of school. She showed everyone that you can achieve your dreams with dedication, starting from where you learn your ABCs.

Alice Redlips Parents and Siblings 

Alice Redlips has a loving family that has always cheered her on. She grew up with her parents, who taught her to be kind and to chase after her dreams. They would often sit together, watching movies, which made Alice fall in love with acting. She also has siblings, brothers, or sisters, just like some of you might have.

They played together, creating magical stories and pretend adventures in their backyard. Her family was her first audience, clapping and laughing at her performances, making her feel like a star from a young age. Alice’s family showed her that with love and support, you can reach for the stars.

Alice Redlips


Alice Redlips Husband and Boyfriend 

Alice Redlips keeps her heart stories private, just like a secret garden. This means she has shared that she doesn’t have a husband or a boyfriend. Sometimes, people like to keep certain parts of their lives just for themselves, and Alice chooses to do this with her love life.

It’s like when you have a secret handshake or hideout spot that only you and your best friend know about. Alice believes some stories are meant to be kept secret, and that’s okay. Like in fairy tales, not every princess talks about her prince, and that’s the case with Alice,

Alice Redlips Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance 

5 fit 6 in
55 KG
Eye Color
Hair Color
Figure Size

Alice Redlips was born when the flowers started blooming in 14 March 1997, meaning she’s 27 years old. She’s as tall as the average doorway, which is quite tall for a princess from the Czech Republic! Alice keeps herself fit and healthy, just like superheroes stay in shape to save the day.

Her hair is long and shiny, like the golden locks of a fairy-tale character, and she has a smile that lights up the whole room. Imagine looking at a sunflower; that’s how bright and sunny her presence is. Alice takes good care of herself, ensuring she’s always ready for an adventure, whether acting in front of a camera or exploring new places.

Alice Redlips Before Fame 

Before Alice Redlips became a star, she was like any other kid with big dreams. Imagine spending your days playing make-believe, dressing up as different characters, and performing shows for your family. That was Alice’s life. She didn’t live in a castle or have a magic wand, but her home in Prague was filled with love, laughter, and lots of pretending.

Every day, she would find new ways to tell stories, whether acting out her favorite fairy tales or creating new adventures with her friends. This playful world was her first stage, teaching her how to bring characters to life and fill the room with smiles. Alice’s journey to fame started in her backyard, proving that even the most straightforward beginnings can lead to magical adventures.

Alice Redlips


Alice Redlips Career

Alice Redlips began her adventure in acting and modeling in 2020 when she decided to share her talent with everyone. She jumped into this big, exciting world like a hero going on a quest. Alice started showing up on TV, in movies, and magazines, making everyone who watched her smile and admire her skills.

Think of her as a magician who uses her acting to create stories that feel real and make people happy. Whenever she appears on screen, she invites us on an adventure, showing us different worlds and characters. Alice’s career is like a growing garden full of colorful flowers, each bloom representing a new role or photoshoot that adds beauty to her journey in the entertainment world.

Alice Redlips Net Worth and Achievements

Alice Redlips has worked hard and done some amazing things since she started acting and modeling. Because she’s been in movies and magazines, she’s earned money, like when you save your allowance for something unique. People think she has a lot of money now, but the exact amount is like a hidden treasure; not only some know it. She is net worth (approx.) $113,000.

Besides making money, Alice has also won awards, which are special prizes for being super good at what she does. It’s like getting a gold star in class for a well-done job. She’s very proud of these, and they remind her of all the fun adventures she’s had in acting and modeling. Every award is like a shiny medal showing how awesome she is.

Alice Redlips Future Plains

Alice Redlips has big dreams for the future, just like when you think about what you want to be when you grow up. She wants to keep acting and modeling, hoping to be in even more movies and shows. Imagine being a superhero in one film and a princess in another; that’s what Alice dreams of doing!

She also wants to travel to new places for her movies and meet fans worldwide. Alice thinks about helping other kids learn acting, just like when you help your friends understand something new. She believes in making the world happier with her talents, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces with her stories.

Alice Redlips


Alice Redlips Social Media Presence

Alice Redlips loves sharing bits of her magical world online, just like how you might share pictures or stories with friends online. She uses social media, a place on the internet where you can post photos and talk to people, to let her fans peek into her adventures.

Think of it like a digital scrapbook where Alice posts snapshots of her acting scenes, behind-the-scenes fun from her movie sets, and even sneak peeks of her exploring new places. It’s like she’s inviting us to join her on a grand adventure, but we need to click a button instead of needing a magic carpet! She also loves posting about things that make her smile, hoping to spread joy to everyone who follows her journey.


  • Drawing and Painting: Alice loves to create beautiful pictures with colors and pencils. It’s magic when she turns a blank page into a colorful story!
  • Reading Fairy Tales: She enjoys diving into books full of princes, princesses, and magical creatures. Reading takes her on adventures without even leaving her room.
  • Hiking: Alice loves exploring nature. Walking through forests and climbing hills makes her feel like she’s on an adventure in a faraway land.
  • Playing the Piano: Alice enjoys making music just like a princess in a castle. The piano is her favorite instrument, and she plays lovely melodies.
  • Cooking: Alice likes to cook delicious meals and treats. It’s like a potion-making session where she mixes ingredients to create something yummy.

Favorite Things

  • Color: Alice’s favorite color is sky blue. She says it reminds her of days when she could play outside under a clear sky.
  • Movie: She adores fairy tale movies the most. They whisk her away to magical lands full of adventure and wonder.
  • Food: Pizza is at the top of her list! Alice loves trying different toppings, but pepperoni is her all-time favorite.
  • Animal: Dogs win her heart every time. She thinks they’re the best companions for both adventures and cozy days at home.
  • Season: Spring makes Alice happiest. She loves when flowers bloom and the world turns colorful again.
  • Book: Alice treasures storybooks about brave heroes and grand quests. They inspire her to dream big and believe in magic.

Interesting Facts About

  • Speaks Multiple Languages: Alice can talk in more than one language! She speaks Czech, English, and a bit of French, too.
  • Loves to Dance: When she’s not acting or modeling, Alice loves to dance. She’s good at different types of dance moves!
  • Star Sign: Alice was born in March, so her star is Pisces. People say Pisces are creative and kind, just like her!
  • First Acting Role: Her first role in a movie was as a magical fairy. She wore wings and everything!
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Even though she loves pizza, chocolate ice cream is her favorite dessert.
  • Adventurous Eater: Alice loves trying new foods, especially sweets from different countries she visits.


Can Alice Redlips speak three languages?

Yes, she can! Alice speaks Czech, English, and a little French. It’s like having magic words in her pocket!

Has Alice always loved acting?

Absolutely! Since she was a little girl, just like you, she loved playing pretend and dreaming of being in movies.

What’s Alice’s favorite thing to do besides acting?

Alice loves drawing, playing the piano, and hiking. She enjoys adventures, both in her backyard and in her stories.

Does Alice have a pet?

While she loves dogs, it’s a mystery if she has one. But imagine her with a fluffy friend on adventures!


Alice Redlips is like a magical character from a storybook who brings joy and inspiration to everyone around her. Through her adventures in acting and modeling, she teaches us that with hard work and a big heart, dreams really can come true.

Alice shows us it’s okay to have big dreams, just like the characters in fairy tales, and encourages us to chase after them. Whether on her screen or exploring the world, she always carries a sparkle of magic with her. So, let’s take a page out of Alice’s book and remember to dream big, be kind, and always believe in the magic within us.


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