Sheena Ryder Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Sheena Ryder

Sheena Ryder is a name that has been making waves in the adult entertainment industry for over a decade now. She’s a stunning American actress and model. She was born on January 19, 1984, in Los Angeles, California. Sheena has captivating looks and undeniable talent. She’s become a household name in videos and web scenes. As we enter the year 2024, it’s time to take a closer look at the life of this talented star. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 57 kilograms.

She is net worth(approx.) $1 Million USD. We’ll cover Sheena Ryder’s early life and career. We’ll delve into all the details of her age, family, net worth, and height. So, let’s dive into the biography of this rising star. We will uncover the journey that led her to become one of the most sought-after names in the industry.


Sheena Ryder
Actress & Model
Years Active
2010 – Present
Net Worth (approx.)
$1 Million USD

Who is Sheena Ryder?

Sheena Ryder

Sheena Ryder is a special kind of actress who works in movies for adults. She was born on a sunny day in January, in the big city of Los Angeles, California. Sheena has always loved acting and being in front of the camera, which is why she chose to become an actress. People flock to see her perform due to her exceptional skill.

Besides acting, Sheena also models. This means she poses for pictures wearing different clothes. Sometimes, she gets her picture taken for magazines. She has been doing this job for many years and has become quite popular. Sheena likes to share her work and connect with her fans through the internet too.

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Sheena Ryder Real Name

In the world of movies for grown-ups, the name Sheena Ryder shines bright. But guess what? “Sheena Ryder” isn’t her birth name. Like superheroes, she has another name for when they’re not saving the world. Sheena Ryder has a special name for her job.

It’s like a secret code name that she picked for herself to use when she’s acting or modeling. Her real name is a mystery, like a hidden treasure. She chose “Sheena Ryder” because it sounds cool. Camera captures her flawless performance as she showcases her talents.

Sheena Ryder Early Life and Education

Sheena Ryder grew up in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California. She was always full of energy and loved to play make-believe games. From a young age, she enjoyed pretending to be different characters. This showed her love for acting early on. School was a place where Sheena made lots of friends and learned many things.

She was curious and liked to ask lots of questions. Sheena also joined drama classes. There, she got to act in plays and show how good she was at becoming different people. It was like magic! She worked hard in school and in her drama classes, dreaming of one day becoming a star.

Sheena Ryder Parents and siblings

Sheena Ryder grew up in a family that was always full of laughter and love. Imagine a home where every day is like a fun storybook adventure. Sheena has a mom and a dad who’ve supported her dreams, like cheerleaders at a game. They were always there to cheer her on, no matter what.

She also has siblings, which means she has brothers or sisters, or both! They played together and had fun. They also got into mischief, like in cartoons. Sheena’s family is like a team, always ready to help and support each other in every game of life.

Personal Life

Nick Name
Born (Date of Birth)
19 January 1984
Age (as 2024)
40 Years
Los Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac Sign
Los Angeles

Sheena Ryder Husband and Boyfriend

Sheena Ryder is a star who keeps her heart matters pretty secret, like a diary under a pillow. We don’t know if she has a special someone, like a prince from fairy tales or a best friend she shares ice cream with. Sheena might have her own secret stories of friendship and love, like a princess.

It’s like a garden where she chooses which flowers to share and which ones are for her. So, she may have a husband, a boyfriend, or be adventuring alone. Sheena keeps this part of her story a mystery.

Sheena Ryder Age, weight, height, and physical appearance.

168 cm
1.68 m
5 feet 6 in
57 KG
125 lbs (pounds)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Figure Size
Dress Size
36 (EU)

Sheena Ryder is a bright star who was born on a chilly day in January, many moons ago in 1984. If we count the years, she’s now 40 years young! Sheena is like a tall tower, standing proud at a height that many would say is perfect for a star like her. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 57 kilograms.

When it comes to how much she weighs, it’s right for her height, making her look strong and healthy. She has a smile that lights up the room and hair that shines like the sun. Her eyes sparkle like stars. She has a fun, cool style, like a princess from a fairy tale.

Sheena Ryder Before Fame

Before Sheena Ryder became a star, she was like any other kid. She loved to play outside, ride her bike, and have fun with her friends. Sheena had a big imagination. Sheena Ryder liked to make up stories and act them out. She pretended to be characters from her favorite books and movies. She wasn’t famous back then, but she had a dream.

Sheena wanted to be an actress, so she could share her stories with the world. Every day after school, she’d practice acting in front of her mirror. She made funny faces and tried out different voices. With determination, she worked hard and believed in herself to make her dream come true.


Sheena Ryder began her journey in adult movies because she wanted to act on camera for her job. She began by being in small videos, showing her talent to the world. Sheena worked very hard, learning new things every day and meeting new friends who also acted. She became very good at her job and lots of people started to know who she was.

Sheena Ryder has been in many videos, making her a star that many people like to watch. She loves acting and showing her creativity. Over the years, Sheena has become one of the favorite actresses in her field. She is always ready to bring smiles and excitement to her fans.

Net Worth and Achievements

Sheena Ryder has done amazing things in her career. It’s like having a big treasure chest of shiny trophies and happy memories. Think of when you win a race and get a ribbon. Sheena has her own collection of ribbons. They are awards for being great at her job. People think Sheena’s treasure chest is worth a lot! She is net worth(approx.) $1 Million USD.

Some say it’s over a million dollars, like having a huge piggy bank full of gold coins. She’s worked super hard, like when you save up your allowance for something special. Sheena’s big heart and hard work have helped her earn lots of gold stars in her book of life.

Future Plains

As Sheena Ryder looks ahead, her future is bright and filled with exciting adventures. Imagine a big, colorful book where every page is a new journey. Sheena dreams of acting in better stories. She wants to play anyone from a superhero to a space explorer. Sheena Ryder also wants to travel to magical places around the world.

She wants to learn new things and make friends everywhere she goes. like in fairy tales, Sheena believes in following her heart and chasing her dreams. No matter how big they are.

Sheena Ryder

Social Media Presence

Sheena Ryder loves sharing bits of her day and talking to her friends and fans online. Imagine a magical window where you can see what your favorite star is doing! That’s what social media is for Sheena. She posts pictures and stories, kind of like sharing a scrapbook of her life with the world.

You can see her smiling, trying on fun outfits, or even making silly faces. It’s like getting a peek into her adventures from anywhere! She uses websites where lots of people can see and like her photos. Sheena enjoys making her online pages colorful and happy. So, when you visit, it’s like stepping into a rainbow of fun.


Making Stories: With a big imagination, Sheena enjoys making up stories. She sits down with her dolls and toys, creating adventures that take them to magical lands or deep under the sea.

Biking Adventures: Riding her bike around the neighborhood, Sheena goes on mini-adventures. She pretends she’s on a secret mission, zooming past trees and around corners, feeling the wind in her hair.

Drawing and Coloring: Sheena loves to draw and color. She fills pages with bright colors and pictures of her dreams. It’s like her imagination spills out onto the paper, making the world more colorful.

Favorite Thing

Beach Days: Sheena loves going to the beach more than anything! She enjoys playing in the sand, making big castles, and pretending she’s a mermaid in the ocean. The beach makes her super happy.

Ice Cream Fun: She has a big love for ice cream! Trying different flavors and toppings is like a treasure hunt for her taste buds. Chocolate and strawberry are her top picks!

Animal Friends: Sheena adores animals, especially fluffy kittens and friendly dogs. She loves to play with them, give them cuddles, and sometimes even dresses them up in cute outfits.

Movie Nights: Watching movies with lots of popcorn is a favorite thing for Sheena. She gets to see heroes on big adventures and laughs at funny cartoons, making her feel like she’s part of the story.

Interesting Facts About

  •  Sheena Ryder can speak two languages! She loves to say hello in different ways.
  • She once met a famous movie star and was super excited. She keeps a photo from that day.
  • Sheena has a special dance move she invented. It’s funny and makes everyone laugh.
  • She loves to collect stickers. She has stickers from all over the world on her suitcase.
  • – Sheena has a secret recipe for the yummiest cookies. She bakes them for her friends.
  • On rainy days, Sheena builds huge forts out of blankets and pillows. It’s her cozy castle.
  • Sheena can do magic tricks with cards. She learned it from a book and surprises her friends.
  • She once had a small role in a cartoon movie. She got to be the voice of a playful puppy.


Is Sheena Ryder her real name?

No, it’s like a superhero name she chose for her work!

How old is Sheena Ryder?

She’s 40 years young, like a grown-up with lots of stories.

Does Sheena have any pets?

We’re not sure, but she loves animals, especially fluffy ones!

What does Sheena like to do for fun?

She loves playing dress-up, making up stories, biking, coloring, and playing video games. It’s like having a big box of toys!

What’s Sheena’s favorite food?

She loves ice cream a lot, with chocolate and strawberry being her top yummy picks!

Can Sheena speak different languages?

Yes, she can say hello in two languages, making her a bit of a word wizard!


Sheena Ryder outshines others with her radiant presence and lofty goals. Sheena played make-believe as a little girl. Now, she’s a favorite star. Her story is like a fairy tale. Magic happens every day. She reminds us to believe in ourselves. We should chase our dreams and find joy in little things, like ice cream and beach days.

She dresses up, makes stories, and shares her adventures online. Sheena’s journey is full of laughter, love, and a bit of sparkle. Let’s remember to keep dreaming big, like Sheena, and who knows. one day, we’ll share our own magical stories with the world.


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