Marshall Mathers Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024. 

Marshall Mathers

Marshall Mathers, also known as Eminem, is a well-known rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He was born on October 17, 1972, in St. Joseph, Missouri and was raised by his mother, Debbie Nelson Mathers. At the age of 11, his family settled in Warren, just outside Detroit. She is net worth (approx.)$ 250 million.

With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 68 kilograms. Marshall began rapping when he was only 14 years old and quickly made a name for himself in Detroit’s battle rap scene.


Name Marshall Mathers
Date of Birth October 17, 1972 
Age (as 2024) 51 Years Old
Birthplace St. Joseph, Missouri
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Libra
Hometown St. Joseph, Missouri

Who is Marshall Mathers?

Marshall Mathers, known by his music name Eminem, is a famous rapper. Think of him as a music superhero. He makes songs, writes them, and can create music beats too! Marshall was born in a place called Missouri but grew up near Detroit. When he was your age, he moved to a new place and started to learn rapping.

Imagine talking really fast with a relaxed rhythm; that’s what he does! He’s not just any rapper; he’s one of the best and has made a lot of songs that many people like. Marshall didn’t just become good overnight; he practiced a lot and even competed in contests to show he was the best.

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Marshall Mathers Early Life and Education

Marshall Mathers, who many people know as Eminem, was a little boy just like you once. He lived in a place called Missouri until he was about 11 years old. Then, he moved to a city near Detroit with his mom. When Marshall was in school, he found something he loved more than anything else – rapping. Rapping is like talking really fast with music, and it tells a story or shares feelings.

Marshall didn’t have an easy time in school, though. He had to move from school to school, which made it hard for him to make a lot of friends and keep up with his lessons. But, even when things were tough, he kept practicing his rapping. He knew he wanted to be really good at it, so he didn’t give up. With practice, you can get better at what you love, too!

Marshall Mathers Parents and Siblings 

Marshall Mathers, or Eminem as lots of people call him, grew up with just his mom, Debbie. They had to move around a lot, which meant Marshall only stayed in one place for a short time. His mom tried her best to take care of him all by herself. That’s a pretty big job! He doesn’t talk much about his dad because his dad wasn’t around when he was growing up.

Marshall also had a half-brother named Nathan. Just imagine that even though he didn’t have a big family around him, Marshall still found something he loved to do – rapping! It’s kind of cool to think about how someone can find their exceptional talent, even when things aren’t perfect at home.

Marshall Mathers Wife And Girlfriend

Marshall Mathers, who is also called Eminem, has a story about love, too. He fell in love with a girl named Kim when they were very young, almost like teenagers. They liked each other so much that they decided to get married not just once, but two times! Can you believe it? They got married, then decided not to be married, and then got married again!

Together, they have a daughter named Hailie, whom Marshall talks about a lot in his music because he loves her very much. Sometimes, grown-ups have complicated love stories, just like in fairy tales, but the most crucial part is the love they share for their children.

Marshall Mathers Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance 

5 Feet 8 Inches
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
 Net worth (approx.)
$250 Million

Marshall Mathers, who is also known by his stage name Eminem, has grown up just like you will. He was once a little boy, and now he’s an adult. Marshall was born on October 17, 1972, just 52 years old, which means he has seen a lot of birthdays! People are curious about how tall he is or how much he weighs, kind of like when you measure how much you’ve grown on your birthday.

With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 68 kilograms. Marshall is pretty tall; when he stands up straight, he’s about as tall as a refrigerator! As for his looks, he often changes his hair; sometimes it’s blonde, and sometimes it’s dark. He likes wearing hats and has blue eyes that stand out. Everyone looks different and unique, just like Marshall does in his way.

Marshall Mathers Before Fame 

Before Marshall Mathers became famous as Eminem, he was just a regular boy with a dream. He loved telling stories through his music and spent a lot of time practicing. Marshall didn’t start with big stages or music videos; he started small, in his bedroom, writing down words that rhymed and made sense together. He used his feelings and the things that happened around him to make his songs.

Imagine using your diary or your drawings to tell a story – that’s what Marshall did with his music. He wasn’t always sure he would be a famous rapper, but he hoped that one day, his songs would be heard by lots of people. And guess what. With lots of practice and not giving up, his dream started to come true.

Marshall Mathers


Marshall Mathers Career

Marshall Mathers, who we also call Eminem, became a super cool rapper. When he grew up a bit, he started joining rap battles. Rap battles are like contests where people take turns rapping, and the one who does it best wins. Marshall was really good at it! He worked very hard and eventually made his songs.

People all over the world loved his music because he told stories about his life and feelings. He made lots of albums, which are collections of songs, and many people bought them. He also won awards because his music was so special. He showed everyone that if you follow your dream and work hard, you can become anything you want, even a famous rapper!

Net Worth and Achievements

Marshall Mathers, who we all know as Eminem, has done some amazing things in music. He worked super hard and became very famous. Because of this, he has earned a lot of money from his songs and albums. Imagine having enough money to buy thousands of toys! That’s how successful Marshall is. He also won lots of awards for his music, which is like getting gold stars on all your homework.

She is net worth (approx.)$ 250 million. One significant award he won is a Grammy, which is an extraordinary prize for singers and musicians. Marshall didn’t win just one Grammy but many, showing everyone how great his music is. Plus, he set records with his albums, making him one of the best rappers ever!

Future Plains

Marshall Mathers, who you know as Eminem, has big plans for the future! Just like when you dream about what you want to be when you grow up, Marshall has dreams, too. He wants to make more music that people all over the world can enjoy. Imagine creating songs that make everyone dance and feel happy or songs that tell stories about life. That’s what Marshall plans to do.

He also wants to help other people who dream of being musicians just like him. He believes in sharing what he knows about music with others so they can follow their dreams, too. Isn’t it exciting to think about all the new songs and stories Marshall will share with us in the future.

Marshall Mathers


Social Media Presence

Marshall Mathers, who lots of people call Eminem, uses the internet to share parts of his life and music with us. He has a page on a big website called Twitter where he writes little notes to fans. It’s like sending a text message to all his friends at once! He also has an Instagram where he posts pictures. Sometimes, he shares photos of places he goes, or he might post a fabulous old photo from when he was younger.

Imagine being able to show your drawing to the whole world with just a click! That’s what Marshall does with his music and thoughts on these websites. He likes to stay connected with people who enjoy his music, just like how you might share fun things with your friends online.


Collecting Comics: Marshall loves reading comic books. Imagine having a big pile of comic books with superheroes saving the day!

Watching Movies: He enjoys watching movies, especially ones with exciting stories. It’s like watching your favourite cartoons, but it’s for grown-ups!

Making Music: Even when he’s not working, Marshall still loves making music. It’s like playing in your backyard but with sounds and rhythms.

Playing Video Games: He also likes to play video games, diving into adventures or racing cars, which is super cool and fun.

Basketball: Marshall enjoys playing basketball. Throwing the ball and scoring points can be really exciting!

Favorite Things

Color: His favorite color is blue, like the sky on a sunny day.

Food: He loves eating tacos. Imagine a yummy shell filled with tasty stuff!

Movie: He likes watching superhero movies where good guys save the day.

Book: He enjoys reading comic books and having exciting adventures.

Sport: Basketball is his favorite sport to play and watch. It’s fun to see the ball swoosh through the hoop!

Animal: Dogs are his favorite animals. They are friendly and great companions.

Season: Fall is his favorite time of year because of the cool weather and beautiful leaves.

Interesting Facts About

  • Eminem writes songs with his left hand, just like superheroes draw their plans to save the world!
  •  He once had a job cooking and washing dishes before he became a famous rapper. It’s like helping out in the kitchen at home but in a big restaurant.
  • Marshall has a unique nickname, “Slim Shady,” which he uses when he wants to tell stories in a different way in his songs.
  • He loves comic books so much that he even has tattoos of his favorite superheroes.
  • Eminem has a world record for the most words in a hit single. That’s like reading a book and finding the longest sentence ever!
  • He is a big fan of the movie ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.’ Imagine liking a film about a friendly alien from another planet that much!
  • Marshall’s daughter, Hailie, was the homecoming queen at her high school, which is an extraordinary honor.


How did Eminem become a rapper?

He loved music and started rapping with his friends when he was just a bit older than you. 

Does Eminem have any pets?

Yes, he likes dogs a lot. Dogs are fun and playful, just like some of your favorite animals.

What’s Eminem’s favorite color?

His favourite colour is blue, like the sky on a clear day.

Can Eminem play any sports?

Yes, he likes playing basketball. Throwing the ball and scoring points is exciting!


In the big world of music, Marshall Mathers, or as most of us call him, Eminem, is an extraordinary person who shares his stories through songs. Just like superheroes use their powers for good, Marshall uses his music to make people feel all sorts of emotions – happy, thoughtful, and even inspired.

He started just like any of us, with dreams and hobbies, and turned his love for rapping into something unique that the whole world enjoys. Marshall teaches us that no matter where you come from, you can achieve big dreams if you work hard and believe in yourself. 


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