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Jack Frankmore

Jack Frankmore is a famous TikTok star with more than 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Jack was born in Los Angeles on February 3rd, 2007, but grew up in Scottsdale. When he was just 17 years old, he created his own YouTube channel, Now, in 2024, Jack is 17 years old and has achieved great success in his career.

With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 10 inches and weighing 61 kilograms. He is known for his creative and funny videos on TikTok and YouTube. He is net worth (approx.) $1 million.


Jack Frankmore
TikTok Star
Date Of Birth
February 3rd, 2007
Age(as 2024)
17 Years Old
February 3rd
Date of Birth
3 February 2007
Nick Name
Current Residence
Reno, NV
United States

Who is Jack Frankmore?

Jack Frankmore is like a superhero on the internet! Imagine someone who can make lots of people laugh just by making videos. That’s for you! He started making videos when he was only a little older than you, at 11 years old. Think about what you love doing. Jack loved making people smile, so he used a camera and the internet to share his joy.

He lives in Scottsdale but was born in a big city known as Los Angeles. He’s he’s Tik Tok and YouTube, sharing his adventures and funny moments. Just like you have friends at school, Jack has millions of friends online who enjoy watching his videos. He shows that if you like doing something, you can share it with the world and make them happy, too.

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Early Life and Education

Jack FrankmFrankmore starts in a big, bustling city called Los Angeles, where he was born. But he didn’t stay there long because his family moved to Scottsdale, which has lots of sun and space to play. Imagine moving to a new city when you’re-you’re young, just like Jack did! In Scottsdale, Jack went to school just like you.

He learned to read, write, and do everything kids learn in school. But Jack had a particular interest in making videos. Even as a young boy, he loved to tell stories and make people laugh with his camera. School taught Jack a lot, but he also taught himself to share his joy and creativity through videos. 

Jack Frankmore


Jack Frankmore Parents and Siblings

Jack Frankmore has a loving family who has always been there for him. Imagine having a superhero team at home! That family is like Jack. His parents care for him, cheer him on, and help him become the best person, just like your family makes you feel unique and loved. Jack’Jack’s, the same for him. He also has siblings.

Having brothers or sisters is like having built-in best friends who are always with you. They play games, share secrets, and make fun videos together. Jackie is a big part of his adventure, supporting him in following his dreams and making people smile worldwide.

Jack Frankmore Wife And Girlfriend

Jack Frankmore is still relatively young, only 17 years old, and as far as everyone knows, he doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend right now. Instead of focusing on dating, Jack spends most of his time creating fun videos, hanging out with his family, and sharing incredible moments with his online friends. You spend days playing with your best friends, learning new things, and enjoying your favourite hobbies.

Jack believes in making the most of every day, filling it with laughter and joy, whether with his family or friends or making someone smile through his videos. Just like in a fun game, Jack’Jack’sJack’stureull of exciting moments and discoveries, and right now, he’s on his journey with those who mean the most to him.

Jack Frankmore Age, Weight, Height, and Physical appearance

Jack Frankmore, our internet superstar, is 17 years old now! Picture your older cousin or the big kids at school; that’s what grown-up Jack is. We have yet to figure out how much he weighs or how tall he is, but imagine someone tall enough to reach the top shelf where you keep your favorite snacks. With a stunning appearance, standing at 5 feet 10 inches and weighing 61 kilograms.

Jack looks like someone who could do that easily! Well, think of someone with a bright smile that lights up the room, like your favorite superhero. Jack has that kind of smile that makes you want to smile, too. He always looks ready for an adventure, whether creating a new video or hanging out. 

Jack Frankmore Before Fame

Jack Frankmore before he became a big internet star. Picture this: a young Jack, with eyes full of wonder, holding a camera for the first time. He wasn’t yet; few knew his name outside his family and friends. But inside him, a spark was waiting to light up the world. Jack loved to make his family laugh with funny faces and silly dances.

Even before he had millions of followers, he knew how to spread joy. Think about when you draw a picture or tell a story that makes everyone smile. That’s what Jack did but with videos. He started small, sharing his joy and creativity, one laugh at a time, growing into the star he is today.

Jack Frankmore


Jack Frankmore Career

Jack Frankmore started his fantastic journey in the world of videos when he was just a little older than you! At 11 years old, he created a channel called “The rank on “You tube. This was just the beginning of his adventure. Jack loves to make funny videos and share them on TikTok and YouTube. People from all over the world watch his videos and laugh along with him.

He turned his love for making people smile into his job! Imagine playing and creating fun videos as your job when you grow up.  He shows us that if you love doing something, you can share it with others and make it your career. Jack’Jack’sJack’ssg happiness to millions, making him a shining star on the internet.

Jack Frankmore Net Worth and Achievements

Jack Frankmore has done some incredible things since he started making videos. Imagine having a big jar where you keep all the stars from the night sky. Achievements are like those stars, bright and excellent. He has earned a lot of fans who love watching his videos, making him a shining star on the internet. He is net worth (approx.) $1 million.

Now, think about a treasure chest filled with gold coins and jewels. Jack has also made some money from his videos, like finding treasure for doing something he loves. While we don’t know precisely how much treasure he has, he’s well for himself. Just like when you complete a complex puzzle and feel proud, Jack feels happy about his achievements.

Jack Frankmore Future Plains

 Jack Frankmore as the captain of a spaceship, heading into the vast universe of creativity. He’s he’s past the planets of TikTok and YouTube, making everyone laugh and smile. Now, Jack’Jack’sJack’sshipooming towards new galaxies! What could be next? He’ll even have funnier videos or be a superhero in a movie, saving the day with laughter.

Jack might also explore new planets, like writing a book to share his adventures with kids like you. The universe is enormous, and Jack’Jack’sJack’Jack’seven more significant. So, buckle up! Jack’Jack’sJack’seney is just getting started, and it will be an exciting ride filled with surprises and new friends from all over the galaxy.

Social Media Presence

Jack Frankmore is like a superhero on the internet! He has a special place called social media where he shares his super cool adventures. Think of it like a magical book where Jack posts stories, but it’s your computer or phone instead of pages. On TikTok, he’s a wizard who makes people laugh with short videos.

YouTube is his castle, where longer adventures happen, and lots of friends come to visit by watching his videos. Jack also uses Instagram, like a photo album, showing pictures of his exciting life and the fun things he does. It’s Inviting us to a never-ending party online where everyone is singing and having a good time.


Playing Games: Jack loves playing video games, just like you might enjoy playing tag or hide and seek with your friends. It’s it’s fun and takes a break from making videos.

Traveling: Imagine going on an adventure to new places where you’ve been before! That’s what Jack likes to do. He explores new cities and countries, seeing all the cool things each place offers.

Making Crafts: Jack enjoys being creative on screen and with his hands, too! He makes cool crafts, which could be anything from drawing pictures to building something out of blocks. It’s you who creates something extraordinary in art class.

Reading: Yes, Jack loves to read! He dives into books full of adventure and magic, exploring stories that take him to other worlds. It’s you listening to bedtime stories and imagining yourself in faraway lands.

Sports: Jack is also into sports. He loves to run, jump, and play games like soccer or basketball. 

Favourite Things

Ice Cream: Jack loves ice cream, especially chocolate and strawberry flavours. Imagine having a big scoop of your favourite ice cream on a sunny day.

Movies: He enjoys watching superhero movies. Picture sitting in a dark room, eyes wide, as heroes save the day on the big screen.

Color Blue: Blue is Jack’site color. It’s using up at the sky on a clear day or diving into a pool of cool water.

Dogs: Jack adores dogs. Think of fluffy puppies that wag their tails and give warm, cuddly hugs. They’ reurrynds.

Pizza: Pizza is at the top of his food list. Imagine biting into a slice with gooey cheese and your favorite toppings. 

Interesting Facts About

Young Creator: Jack started his YouTube channel, “The “bank “,” we”, and” “as just a bit older than you, at 11 years old.

Camera Pro: Jack loved making funny videos with a camera even before becoming famous.

Super Sharing: He shares his joy and makes people laugh on YouTube and TikTok, where he posts short, funny videos.

Lots of Friends: Imagine having friends not just in your school or neigh bour hood but worldwide. That’s millions of online friends.

Adventure Lover: Besides making videos, Jack loves going on adventures and exploring new places, just like how you might explore a new playground.

Creative Kid: Jack was super creative from a young age, always finding ways to tell stories and spread happiness through his videos.


What does Jack do?

He creates super fun videos that make lots of people smile. He’s a ‘spy hero on the internet.

Where was Jack born?

Jack was born in a big city called Los Angeles. It’s California!

Does Jack have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, he has siblings. Think of them as his team for fun and adventures at home.

What is Jack Jack’s to do?

Jack loves playing games, travelling to cool places, making crafts, reading exciting books, and playing sports. 


 Jack Frankmore but have yet to show us that being young leads to doing big things. Starting his journey at just 11 years old, Jack turned his love for making videos into a way to share smiles worldwide. He reminds us to follow our dreams, be creative, and always remember to have fun.

Jack lives life to the fullest, whether playing games, exploring new places or hanging out with his family and furry friends. You can, too! Remember, no dream is too big, and it’s too early to start chasing what makes you happy, just like Jack.


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